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can granite be used outdoors

- Nov 29, 2017 -

The answer is Yes!!!

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Natural granite is igneous rock, also called acid crystallization plutonic rocks, is one of the most widely distributed rock in igneous rocks, belongs to the hard stone, composed of feldspar, quartz and mica, the composition of silica, about 65% ~ 75%. The rock is hard and dense and can be divided into three kinds: "pegmatite", "coarse grain" and "fine grain" according to the size of its crystalline particles.The quality of granite is determined by the mineral composition and structure. Fine quality granite, fine and uniform crystalline particles, less mica content and more quartz, and does not contain pyrite. Granite is not easy to weathering and deterioration, the appearance of color can be maintained over a hundred years, so it is mostly used for wall foundation and exterior wall decoration. Because of the hardness and wear resistance of granite, it is also used in advanced building decoration engineering, for example, the floor of the lobby.

The use of granite:

Granite and marble are more rigid and acid resistant compared with marble, so they are more suitable for outdoor balcony, courtyard, restaurant, building walls, large hall, stairs, steps and so on. The marble can be used for the counter of the bar, the cooking table and the dining room.

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