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how marble is mined

- Nov 28, 2017 -

how marble is mined

Since the process of mining stone is still not known, the method in the world of wire saw mining process marble mines are generally very mature diamond wire saw for mining stone, granite and other hard stone, the wire saw, diamond wire manufacturers and mining enterprises long-term unremitting efforts, granite mining technology the more mature the rope saw, the wire saw can be widely used in granite, sandstone and other various hardness of stone mining, the quality of the products is more and more high, more and more low cost, has become a trend in the world.

 Marble mining process

The work is mainly covered: stripping stripping off the marble ore soil, weathered layer, broken off, because the rock and marble interlayer joint fissure without exploitation value, make the marble ore exposed, ready for mining. Special attention should be paid to the protection of the ore body, and the effect of blasting vibration on the integrity and block property of stone should not be allowed. (2) construction work platform: Marble exposed, to dig for the wire saw work platform, the general width of 6 meters, the length of the mining field according to the determined step height of 5-10 meters. The general excavation method by drilling with expansion agent and other methods can be used for granite blasting, to the relatively flat work surface can be used for soil construction work platform.

how marble is mined

(1) Drill hole

Drilling is a key preparatory work. If the hole is not well, it will directly affect the string piercing and affect the service life and cutting efficiency of the rope, so drilling is particularly important. To cut a big block, must be drilled three holes, a vertical hole and two horizontal hole. Three intersect at one point, if not three at a point, perforated diamond wire is quite troublesome, can't even wear, need to be re drilled, thus reducing production efficiency. Therefore, the drilling must be carried out according to the actual conditions and according to the operating rules. The equipment used in drilling can be made of multi-functional rock drilling, submersible drill, and manual rock drill.


(2) Wear a rope

Using artificial rope threading method, one end is fixed on the thin steel wire rope rope, the other end is connected with multi strands wire rope cord fine (usually with a hammer, a line) from the hole through the vertical plane, can be washed with water will rush out of the cord, wire drawn from another hole with a horizontal plane. Then with a fine wire rope lead wire saw.


(3) The rope saw is installed in place

After laying the rope, track the equipment track first, the track should be parallel to the horizontal hole, and use the horizontal ruler to measure the level of the track plane and make it meet the requirement. Finally, the wire sawing machine is put to the track, and the wire saw is put on, and the power is connected. Because the equipment is heavy, plus a cutting plane, to the mobile device, the mast crane, forklifts, loaders, excavators and other equipment to any one of a mobile saw machine;

(4) To connect the water source and install the cooling water pipe, there are generally two pipes to be configured, one is located at the entry hole of the rope, the other is located at the outlet position of the rope, and the water intake position and outlet direction need to be adjusted continuously along with the cutting schedule.


Mining blocks must first level rope saw cutting, and then cutting the vertical plane, so as to ensure the smooth cutting. If we cut the vertical plane first and then cut the horizontal plane, it will cause breakage of the stone and press the bead string, so that the motor will skidding and damage the flywheel rubber.



The common cutting method in mine mining is one time cutting - pulling (out) - two times cutting and shaping. A main purpose of cutting is cut in stone mountain, stone size according to the ore size, handling ability, stone utilization rate is determined, generally in the 30-60M3, stone cutting after the winch or loader will pull out and stone and ore body overturned in gravelly working face for the two time, cutting shaping, cutting out the commercial value of the blocks.

The common cutting methods of the rope saw are as follows:

A vertical cutting mode

B horizontal cutting mode

C 90 degree cutting mode

D blind cutting method

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