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Stone market quietly change, grinding products based on how?

- Oct 05, 2017 -

Stone market quietly change, grinding products based on how?

Stone, as a kind of high-grade decoration material, is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration design, curtain wall decoration and construction of public facilities and other fields, especially in infrastructure, real estate, decoration and other fields, a very wide application needs. At present, the common stones on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and man-made stone, marble.

Back China's stone industry history, before the new Chinese was established, there is no China stone industry; new Chinese after the establishment of the China stone industry has just begun. Since the beginning of the millennium, China's stone industry has been booming with the rapid development of China's economy. The geographical distribution, Chinese stone production mainly distributed in the southern province of Fujian, Guangdong Province, Eastern Shandong Province three stone producing provinces, including Fujian and Shandong as the raw material and processing production big province, Guangdong is mainly engaged in the processing of imported stone, the three provinces accounted for 80% of the China stone production yield, especially marble and granite products. So far, China's annual output of stone has reached more than ten million tons, becoming the world's largest stone producing country.

The new normal stone industry

Under the new economic norm, development of all walks of life have changed. Stone enterprises in recent years are also facing higher and higher cost pressures. In recent years, labor costs, raw material costs, freight and other policy costs continue to rise. At the same time, the price competition among stone enterprises is getting worse and worse, and the profits are declining, resulting in an increase in the loss of stone enterprises.

With the development of the domestic economy in recent years the shift of growth into the low-speed development trend, China's industrial manufacturing export slump, real estate stocks expand, stone upstream industry incremental demand fell rapidly, stone enterprise inventory pressure, increasing financial pressure. Many processing and export stone products have a meager profit and begin to be transferred to the domestic market. For the domestic stone market, they are facing greater challenges.

In stone industry as dust ash, "milk Creek" phenomenon is the source of local government environmental protection as a crucial position, so more and more enterprises are facing stone production and operation, the situation of the relocation relocation. In environmental protection under the policy of waving the stick, for the production of stone processing enterprises more stringent requirements, environmental protection investment in pollution prevention and control facilities is also higher, approval of the relevant procedures, conditions are more demanding, stone industry is facing a transition pressure is more and more urgent.

As everyone knows, grinding stone and stone in the industry are closely related, cutting, polishing and other links cannot do without tool support and participation. Such as diamond grinding tools in the initial mining and processing of stone is a key role, while the stone market downturn, but also a significant reduction in the demand for downstream abrasives.

The new direction of grinding industry

From upstream enterprises is closely related with the grinding stone industry, how to better use this stone based on the market development advantage?

Expandstone application, will open the market of thin and ultra-thin stone after grinding enterprises aiming at the stone plate is generally thick this defect of principle D diamond cutting tool manufacturing. Diamond, as the hardest substance known in nature, its excellent performance determines its broad prospects in the field of cutting and processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone. At the same time, multi-function, multi-purpose cutting tools are more popular. Therefore, grinding production enterprises use more and more extensive application range and tools of longer service life, higher cost, power stone enterprises to save costs and improve efficiency, it will be an important competitive advantage.

Domestic enterprises to learn from the successful experience of foreign companies. The old composite superhard material manufacturers in the USA, Japan and Germany, Ireland's large market share in the international market, with the leading edge of their accumulation in scientific research and industry experience, technology, product quality, has become an important competitive force of composite superhard material market. China's grinding enterprises should strengthen communication learning, pay more attention to the dynamics of stone exhibition, continue to learn from and learn from innovation, research and development of high-end new products, for stone enterprises to provide more excellent applications.

In the future, will give the green stone engineering direction, market renovation, of stone processing and maintenance will be more and more high. In this trend, the new stone tools and equipment will come into being, replacing the old stone processing and polishing equipment. Abrasives enterprises should ensure that the cutting tools in the performance of the same time, but also take into account the difficulty of operation and environmental pollution and other issues. Therefore, to reduce the dust emission in the process of processing and reduce the noise pollution in the process of processing, and to meet the theme of green environmental protection, it will shine brilliantly in the market.

Stone industry has been in transition, if the abrasive enterprises did not keep pace, unable to provide more excellent processing tools, can be eliminated by the stone industry. The grinding enterprises should increase product research and development efforts, and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the value of products, policy changes and market dynamics, concerned about the downstream stone industry needs to understand, can be an antidote against the disease.

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