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What are the stone carving crafts, how to maintain the stone crafts?

- Oct 06, 2017 -

What are the stone carving crafts, how to maintain the stone crafts?

The application of stone carving is very extensive, and it is generally handicraft. So what do you know about stone carving arts and crafts? How to maintain the stone carvings? Follow the steps of Xiao Bian, take a look at the answer.

What are the stone carvings?

Stone carving handicraft is a kind of handicraft very vivid, its material is also very common, there are a variety of stone carving techniques, according to different carving techniques have different stone types, they all have their own characteristics.

1, relief. That is, in the stone surface carved three-dimensional sense of the image, is a semi - standing sculpture. Relief is embossed because the image is embossed on the stone surface. According to the depth of the stone face, it is divided into bas relief and high relief. Bas relief is a single level statue, the content is relatively single, there is no hollowing through. High relief is a multi-level statues, content is more complicated, many techniques take engraved hollow, more fascinating. Reliefs are used for wall decoration of buildings, as well as dragon pillars and drums in temples. Beijing the Imperial Palace is okimichi relief.

2, round. Is the existence of three-dimensional solid modeling art, stone each surface requires processing, the process of hollowing techniques and finely chop ax known. Many of these carved pieces of species, mostly single stone sculpture, there are a plurality of stones formed in recent years, the development of a number of such body carved miniature products, like some small stones, some thin, is known as the "Python Art beats nature.". This product is completely out of the building and become pure practical crafts, because more compact and easy to carry, for commemorative treasures, the development prospect is very good.

Stone carving handicraft

3, Shen carved. Also known as the "sculpture", that is the "water sink flower" engraving art. This kind of painting and carving method, Chinese absorption line shape overlap, scattered perspective and other traditional brushwork, stone by plane polishing, tracing text pattern, and then according to the thickness of the line engraved lines, shades, using shadow reflect the three-dimensional. Most of these products are used for exterior wall decoration of buildings, and have strong artistry.

4, carving. New handicrafts developed on the basis of the "black and white" process in the early years. The earliest works is 60s by Huian artist creation, because his works are in the photo on so called "shadow". The carving of jade stone to Jinghu cut into the plate as the material, the surface is polished, the chisel was cut can display white characteristics, to cut a tapering tool size, depth and density of different points, only divided into different levels of black and white, the image is displayed, not only exquisite vivid and unique. Charm, is the development of stone to pure art, opened a new way for the production of stone carving craft.

Stone carving handicraft

5, loudiao. Loudiao is a form of sculpture, also known as carving, no object that is partially emptied in the stone, can show the part to stay. Loudiao is developed in the sculpture techniques, it is of Shoushan stone carving techniques like three-dimensional space level. It is developed from the traditional Chinese stone carving process. The ancient stone masons often carved dragon ball joint. Dragon Ball stripping in the original stone, Longkou than to big, rolling in the mouth and not slip out. This activity in carving the Dragon button stone in "Pearl" is the most simple.

6, toudiao. In relief work, keep the image projection part, and the back part of the local hollow, called toudiao. The similarities and differences between the performance and openwork carving, carved into the chain, the three have penetration, but the back of the plaque engraved forms, single and double-sided openwork carving division. Only one side engraved carved front, double-sided openwork will be positive and the back surfaces of the object are carved out. Whether single or double-sided openwork carving, are essentially different and Loudiao, chain that is carving, carved carving and the chain is 360 degrees in all aspects of sculpture, rather than positive or both sides. Therefore, carved and carved sculpture techniques and belongs to the chain, Toudiao is the extension of relief techniques.

Stone carving handicraft

How to maintain stone carvings?

First, stone carving crafts should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Two, stone carvings should not be placed in extremely damp or dry rooms. In the wet environment, some stone carving crafts "deterioration", too dry environment, stone carving arts and crafts, and some may be cracking phenomenon.

Near three, stone crafts should not be placed in a fire fire fire fire, the most simple is the embodiment of life in the north winter heating, summer can blow air conditioning. Therefore, we must pay attention to stone carving crafts, not to the air conditioner mouth blowing. And don't put him near the radiator.

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