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Industrial Area, Daying Area, Shuitou Town,Nan’an City,Fujian Province,China

3:Counter Top ,Vanity Top (For Quartz and Granite) :

Xianjing Country ,ShiJing Town, Nan’An City, Fujian Province.

Marble Features

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Not deformed

Rock long-term natural aging, uniform organizational structure, linear expansion coefficient is minimal, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation.


Good rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance, small temperature deformation.

long lasting

Do not have oil, easy to sticky dust, maintenance, easy maintenance and simple, long service life.

Will not appear scratches, not subject to constant temperature conditions, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.

Not magnetized

Measurements can be smooth movement, no hysteresis, not affected by moisture, the plane said good. Physical properties: Specific gravity 2970-3070kg / m3 Pressure strength: 2500-2600kg / cm2 Elasticity coefficient: 1.3-1.5 × 106kg / cm2 Water 

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