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Paving Stone Macheng Stone Market Sales Order Held A Special Meeting In October 1st To Start The Implementation Of Sales Resources

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Macheng stone market sales order held a special meeting in October 1st to start the implementation of sales resources no longer follow the old

Update time: 2017-9-26 14:47:34

In September 24th, Macheng City Stone Industry Association to promote the sustainable development of Macheng stone industry held maintenance of Macheng stone market sales order special meeting to consider the sale of stone resources scarce resources no longer take the old road, along with the increasing cost, corporate social responsibility is also growing, in order to make Macheng stone industry more healthy, more long-term with stable development, all enterprises agreed to jointly develop the minimum price guide, started since October 1, 2017.

All production enterprises in Macheng City will jointly maintain the price system minimum protective price, abide by the common market order, all manufacturers are willing to accept a common commitment to disrupt the market supervision Association, such as malicious bargain behavior, according to the common developed and the self-discipline convention in terms of punishment.

It means the grantie paving stone, granite tiles,granite blocks price etc price will be as low as before.

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