7 Key Tips For Identifying Quartz Stone Countertops

7 key tips for identifying quartz stone countertops

Release time: 2017-09-21 Author: China Stone Network 

The quality of self-evident influence to the overall function of the cabinet table cabinet, a cabinet table needs to have good anti fouling anti slide, high-temperature corrosion resistance etc.. Quartz stone cabinet table is very common, in the process of choosing how to distinguish between good quality and inferior quality? Look at the following 7 tricks.


[1.]: hardness quartz Ishii Eisa content in more than 93%, the resin content of inferior products is too high. With a knife or something like that, the quartz stone panel will not be scratched.


[2.]: high temperature resistance, we can direct the hot surface of quartz stone plate with a cigarette butts, but light burning does not leave any traces on the layout of high quality quartz stone.


[3.] corrosion resistance: high quality quartz stone without marble or granite powder, these minerals are calcium carbonate composition, with a certain proportion of the acid on quartz plate surface, high quality quartz stone plate without reaction.


[4.]: inferior plate anti fouling performance quartz anti fouling performance is poor, sauce and vinegar may stay into the table to clean quartz countertop in a day. When buying the table, the water – color pen leaves a mark on the quartz stone, and the high-quality quartz stone needs to be renewed with the soft cloth.


5. [attention]: the anti cracking performance of plate quartz stone quartz sand content of more than 93%, high hardness, high brittleness and low toughness when the material cannot withstand internal stress of the crack will appear when thermal expansion or contraction. Therefore, it is necessary to select quartz stone with high crack resistance.


[6. texture, color and overall kitchen collocation from the plate texture:], quartz stone texture similar to natural stone, a strong sense of the poor quality of the appearance of plastic quartz stone. High quality quartz stone, rich in color, round, bright in color, uniform in particle, especially in compound shade, uniform and smooth in color. When you choose the design, you should consider the color of the countertop, the color of the door panel, the pattern of the floor and the overall style of the other spaces.


Table 7. [process]: buy cabinets, cabinets sample table, good processing technology, feeder handled perfectly, almost no connection joints. Unqualified processing will lead to surface cracking, rough processing technology, but also affect the beauty of the table.

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