Are semi precious stones worth anything

Are semi-precious stones worth anything?

As consumption continues to upgrade. High-end home furnishings and commercial style spaces are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of quality, aesthetics, and style. Many people yearn for colorful and colorful home spaces, but they are afraid that the colors are too heavy and the lines and color blocks are too complicated, which leads to visual confusion and spatial inconsistency. If you want to use rich colors to bring a comfortable and harmonious space overture, create a colorful and dreamy artistic situation, and add a diverse face to your life. It’s better to know about the protagonist of this issue: semi-precious stone


For U Stone export&import Co., Ltd. handles a wide variety of gemstones, including various precious gems, semi-precious stones, crystal agate, jade, natural stone, and other high-end stone treasures that are popular among the public.


With luxurious textures and rich colors, the gems of For U Stone Warehouse make the spacing effect more malleable and push the beauty of high-end space to the extreme, thus highlighting the elegance and luxury of the high-end decoration. The extremely preciousness and uniqueness of gems have also become a rare stone product in modern interior decoration.


Gems are noble and agile, shining with their own spirituality and dynamics. The beauty of gemstones can be noble and dazzling. It can be carried and displayed at any time when entering the lobby, as the value of human architectural space aesthetics.


Natural, harmless and colorful gemstones combined with extraordinary craftsmanship and design are favored in various mid-to-high-end and personalized decorations.

 Are semi precious stones worth anything

The picture comes from the blue agate of FOR U STONE·Gem warehouse. The shades of blue are random and disorderly, just like the eyes of a girl who is looking forward to the future and hesitating, people can't help but speculate on the content. The appearance in the static state is somewhat different from that in the light-transmitting state. The girl who looks like a "natural beauty is hard to give up" is gorgeous but refined.

 Are semi precious stones worth anything

The fragmented color blocks add a different emotional color to the agate. The areas outlined by dark lines with interlaced depths resemble the freckles on a girl's cheeks and the changes in her eyes, which are detached but mysterious.

Are semi precious stones worth anything 

The yellow agate from FOR U STONE·Gem Warehouse, such as Van Gogh’s sunflower, is a passionate hope, the pinnacle of art, and a delicate life. Agate comes from the Greek Achates, the ancient name of the Sicilian river, it is a colorful gem. This mineral with the typical agate luster can relax the body, relieve stress and irritation.

 Are semi precious stones worth anything

Violet is also the main stone variety of FOR U STONE·Gem Warehouse. It is a gorgeous purple, naturally noble, fashionable and luxurious, deep-rooted elegance, classic supreme romance. The looming white, the purple intersecting layers, are far-reaching and long, subtle and dreamy, and unique and elegant, like a water ballet under the night. The glamorous and delicate sense of vision spewed out in the interlaced light and shadow

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