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At The End Of The White Marble – Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!

At the end of the white marble – shut down gaojiazhuang active mine closures! Sichuan white marble will seal mine? Is it true or false?


The world's only white marble Palace of Fine Arts culture

Cancellation of mining certificate 4 years ahead of schedule

At The End Of The White Marble - Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!

After the end of last year, has shut down more than 70 white marble mine, Beijing City Land Resources Bureau Fangshan branch, Shiwo town and high village village, decided to stop the white marble mining, has two thousand years of history of the white marble mining village high active suspension and to apply for cancellation of mining, mining license expires in December 15, 2020.

Gao Zhuang village is located in Dashi Town, Fangshan District. The terrain is high in the north, low in the south, half in low hills and half in plains. For the northern part of the carbonate low mountains, rich white marble, marble, dolomite and quartz sandstone mineral resources, good quality, many varieties, with its unique properties: white marble is famous at all times and in all countries.

As a non coal mining area of Fangshan District finally closed, the village will be completed the cancellation of mining permits by the end of this year. At present, the village relies on the mining area left mine, green ecological restoration, and transformation into a white marble ruins park.

Beijing Fangshan Dashiwo town Gaozhuang the oldest white marble mining Bai Tang

This ancient began mining Bai Tang is a thirty or forty meters wide, fifty or sixty meters long pit, on the south side of the hill, from top to bottom, in more than 20 meters high wall, which is open quarry traces, under the ledge, green white green pond has lost a sense of transparency.

The white marble excavation last stop, south of the village village on the south side of the river and the spring 5 spring, began to "bubbling" to take water, "south of the village of spring river is half a metre deep, three or four spring water spray also has more than half a meter, and now the village is full of Heping ditch." The old man regrets.

At The End Of The White Marble - Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!

The white marble mine waste spring water gush

"Here is the white marble left after the pit dug, 70 meters deep. The water springs from the mine. The temperature is 14 degrees centigrade. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is now 50 meters deep and can fill up ponds in two days." Dashi town mayor Zhu Huajun introduced, sunny spring water visibility is very high.

National treasure "white" hometown

Shiwo town is located in the southwest of Fangshan hilly areas, high village located in the central Shiwo Town, is a national treasure "white" hometown. The Imperial Palace, Tiananmen, the Summer Palace, Tiantan golden water bridge, Lugou Bridge, Ming Dynasty Tombs, and Xiling Ming East Grand project with a white marble stone are taken from the "shiwo".

Talking about "big stone nest", a lot of people will feel strange. But to speak of the largest stone carving in the Forbidden City – "staircase", the visit to the the Imperial Palace of the people will be impressed.

At The End Of The White Marble - Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!


This is the largest domestic white marble stone, produced in Beijing Fangshan shiwo". There is a huge stone rectangular in the Imperial Palace with carved behind the Imperial Hall, nine pair of dragons, found in the clouds, below the Sea Cliff River, around with the volume grass grain pattern. The whole stone carving is very beautiful, is as the acme of perfection. The "staircase" as relics of the Ming dynasty. It is inferred that it should be built at the same time as the Forbidden City, that is, Yongle 18 years (AD 1420), has been 590 years of history.

"Shiwo" development and utilization of stone resources of the earliest record in the year 560 of the Northern Qi Dynasty era, static Wan master Shiwo Village North yunjusi began to use the white marble carving stone – stone book. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Jin Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties 1000 years, a total of 14278 pieces of carved stone plate, a total weight of more than 1000 tons. Become a bright pearl in the treasure house of world culture.

After the establishment of new Chinese, white marble shows unique style, ten buildings in Beijing are in nine with white marble, the Great Hall of the people hold the pillar of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and Chairman Mao, the monument to the people's heroes, the national flag in Tiananmen square base plate, century altar of the stone inscription, Hongkong hall, Yunnan World Expo, Macao office and Macao Huabiao return the lotus base, are from the "white marble stone shiwo".

In addition Shiwo stone also abroad, yuanduzhongyang in foreign rural shine, such as Japan, Canada, Hokkaido China garden Yushu Longting, Singapore Hua Yuan Feng national Forest Park landmark sculpture park in the world, the Egyptian miniature landscape, Germany Berlin Deyue Park, Paris France China classical marble stone archway project were from "Shiwo" stone.

Two thousand years of wind and rain vicissitudes, accumulated a deep historical culture, shaping the Fangshan stone culture hometown.

At The End Of The White Marble - Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!

The real "Chinese one white marble" (WHITE MARBLE CHIPS)

The white marble white flawless texture and shiny and delicate, pan light watermark stone body, commonly known as sweat line, because from the ancient Chinese, with the production of stone palace steps and the fence, the so-called "jade Zhu bar, gorgeous jade, so called white marble.

The white marble has many varieties, such as Fangshan, Henan, Sichuan white marble white jade, but only Fangshan Shiwo Gao Zhuang is the real white marble white marble.

At The End Of The White Marble - Shut Down Gaojiazhuang Active Mine Closures!

In the traditional high white marble mining village, mining workers are to pick in the rock drill.

The production of white marble veins, began in the high village on the west side, something about 5, in the west of the village, seam buried shallow, farther north, the location of the deep white marble. Each heading toward the mountain 5 meters, the white marble layer will decrease 1 meters, plus the thickness of the white marble mountain fell seam in the mining cost increase. The first layer is the surface soil, the second layer is called green Whitehead, the eighth layer is called iron flower, is a white marble material containing iron, low quality