Carrara Marble Slabs Price

The price of the Italian Carrara white marble

1,Hello, the brand is not the same, the price will be different. For example: bending strength: 10 | Scope: building materials, public places sculpture | Price: 1180.00 Compressive strength: 110 | Bending strength: 30 | Scope: sheet, floor, countertop, price: 68.00 Compressive strength: 110.6 Bending strength: 12.6 | Scope: indoor and outdoor decoration price: negotiation.

2,Imported Carrara white marble moldings Nan'an marble mosaic brand / model: marble | color: gray, white | gloss: glossy offer: 16.00 yuan Italian Carrara white marble brand / model: JY-carrara | specific gravity: 2.88 (g /cm3)|Compressive strength: 16.8 (MPa)