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Discussion On Seamless Treatment Process Of Stone

Discussion on seamless treatment process of stone

Release time: 2017-09-28 Author: China Stone Network 

Natural stone as paving materials are widely used, noble, elegant, bright decorative effect, loved by the people. In the maintenance system of stone materials, there are many processes such as waxing, crystal surface treatment and so on, which ensure the brightness of the stone surface. Can the stone is not adjacent to the joint has not treated well, because the seam paving stone stone or stone itself exists uneven seam cutting stone, after a period of time, the joint will appear irreversible pollution, on the one hand can cause joint black, on the other hand stains penetrate the stone pores caused by stone lesions, serious damage to the overall beauty of stone.


Stone called seamless processing seamless grinding processing is in the adjacent stone clearance has been paved, special sealant to color and similar to stone treated by interstitial, professional equipment and technology for grinding and polishing processing. Processed in this way, the slate will show large, integral, not divided stone beauty.



The construction technology of seamless processing stone generally have the following steps:


1, first the gap between the original stone filling clean, and then use the slot machine dedicated to the original stone stone installation of the raphe re neatly cut slot, the gap between the stone width of the difference to the lowest, then close to the stone color on the marble glue to fill. (Note: if the suture has been done before, there is no need to slit it from the new one).


2, close to the color of the stone and marble marble glue glue perfect palette, to fully close to the original stone color to enhance the overall sense, to achieve the best visual effect.


3, will adjust the good marble glue to fill, because there will be a certain degree of shrinkage of marble glue completely solidified, so should be slightly higher than the level of stone marble glue, so as not to repeatedly fill.


4, the polishing and grinding plate filler, and make the stone become a level, increase the overall sense of stone and solve the problem, the gap between high and low, to prevent the gap again back to black. The use of granite refurbished machine, with special scissors grinding film, cut the mouth carefully polished to make it and stone as a whole plane.


5, polishing: granite polishing machine dedicated, stone tablets from the mill No. 50-3000 from coarse to fine grinding stone on the ground, smooth and bright as new.


6, crystallization treatment: the crystallization and crystallization of stone powder medicament with crystal surface grinding machine polishing, grinding stone powder and crystallization under pressure to produce physical and chemical reaction under high temperature, crystals to form a compact protective layer, hard. After crystallization, the color and brightness can be enhanced, and the functions of anti-skid, waterproof and oil proof can be achieved.


With this process, the gap will have good brightness and color, the stone is very close, the overall feeling is very strong, but because of the marble glue stain resistance, water resistance, oxidation resistance, no longer produce black seam.