G654 Granite Quarry

Recently, the news of sesame black G654 sealing mine has burst the circle of friends. How much do you know?

1, convene a meeting (late November). The Standing Committee of the County Committee and the Standing Committee of the County Government have studied and determined the work programme for closing the granite mining area for decoration in Wutianshan. The owners meeting of Wu Tian Shan mining area was held to unify our ideological understanding and start the preliminary work of closure.

2, release notice (early December). The announcement of the People's Government of Changtai County closing Wutianshan decorative granite mining area was initiated and made public to the society to create a good social atmosphere for closing Wutianshan mining area.

3, stop mining (from January 1, 2018 onwards). After the expiration of the mining license, from 0:00 on January 1, 2018, Wutianshan Mining Area stopped supplying explosives and mining electricity, only retaining domestic electricity; all mining faces in Wutianshan Mining Area immediately stopped cutting by sawing machines, and all sawing machines and track cranes left the mining face.

4, clean up the materials (before April 30, 2018). Clean up the waste materials in the mining face before 31 January, eliminate potential safety hazards, evacuate excavators and other equipment, evacuate all mining personnel; clear and transport the waste materials used in the mining area before 30 April (according to the current understanding, the waste materials in Wutianshan mining area are expected to leave more than half a year).

5, strengthen law enforcement (before December 31, 2018). The comprehensive law enforcement team of Wutianshan Mining Area strengthens routine inspection and law enforcement, severely cracks down on illegal mining, urges mining enterprises to eliminate potential safety hazards, standardize waste transport management and do a good job in soil and water conservation, land reclamation and environmental protection.

G654 Granite Quarry

Zhangzhou G654 Sesame Black, Fujian Province, has been a glorious stone market in China and the world for more than 20 years. It is the largest main base of G654 granite in the world, but it will soon become a rare variety.

From 2017, the Wutianshan mining area is expected to close at the end of 2017 to January 1, 2018, which exploded in recent days. What happened to Sesame Black G654?

As early as December 2012, it was revealed that the Wutianshan mining area would be closed in 2017. It is hard not to say that it is almost mining.

In May 2017, all the licensed mines in Changtai, Zhangzhou were closed down for rectification during the effective period of the whole county.

In August 2017, the Changtai People's Government decided to close Nankeng Mining Area completely by the end of September 2017, and only 10 mining enterprises will be retained after the integration.

In September 2017, there was no news about the authenticity of the mine.

In the face of the surge of Sesame Black G654, some manufacturers have joined forces to resist the price increase, but they are not enough to shake the wave of price increase.

In October 2017, the market scrambled to buy and store materials in a disorderly manner. On the one hand, it was the capital color attached to the tunneling materials. On the other hand, many factories stopped production because the price of plates could not rise but the price of barren materials. On the other hand, they did not produce materials.

In recent days, a notice about the closure of Wutianshan Mining Area requires screenshots (Fig. 1) to occupy a real circle of friends, among which mine closure is feared to be inseparable. Sesame Black G654 will be pushed to the tuyere again, and the price may be pushed up again.

Looking at 1, is the sesame black G654 extinct after the closure of the Wu Tian Shan mining area?

It is reported that Wu Tianshan, the first peak in Southern Fujian, is the highest peak on the Xiamen Zhangjiang plain. Wutianshan Mining Area began mining in the late 1980s. After more than a decade, 470 pits were mined, with an annual output of about 200,000 barren materials. It mainly supplies more than 600 stone processing enterprises in Wutianshan County, with an annual output value of over 300 million yuan. Mineral exploitation has become a major industry in Changtai County for a time, which has led to the development of a large number of private enterprises and solved the employment problem of tens of thousands of people.

As the main producing area of G654 sesame black, if the mine is closed, the output will decline sharply, the output will be in short supply, and the price will be speculated.

2, why is G654 sesame black so popular?

G654 granite is one of the most famous types of granite in the world. It can be used as building and garden stone materials such as slab, floor, mesa, sculpture, engineering exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, floors, Plaza engineering panels, environmental decoration roadside stones and so on.

Nowadays, many mines shut down and closed down one after another. How many workers can't work and have no income source behind them. Now most of the miners are over 40 years old. How hard is it to know the transformation?

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