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Gold Marble Slab

Does marble need to be maintained often?

The marble in the home needs to be maintained frequently. Generally speaking, the stone that has been treated and protected can be divided into: 

(1) daily maintenance (daily): vacuum cleaner, then wipe with a rag or mop and water. In a dirty location, wipe with a rag or mop with a concentrate of JSC Ultra Dilution Cleaner. 

(2) Monthly maintenance: once every two weeks to one month, wipe with a rag or mop with JSC Super Dilution Cleaner or JSC Multi-Efficient Cleaner Dilution. (Note: Do not use ordinary commercially available detergents at this time.) 

(3) Yearly maintenance: Once every six months to one year, use JSC super-dilution cleaning agent to remove all kinds of dirt. For polished stone (especially marble), JSC can be used. Stone maintenance agent or JSC marble polishing agent combined with the machine for disposal. (Note: Please refer to the relevant explanations for cleaning and protective disposal at this time.) 

In summary, stone is a very noble natural building material, and the method of curing is also special. For cleaning, it is necessary to use the JSC stone general cleaning agent recommended above. Ordinary cleaning agents can not only achieve the effect, but also leave a part of the fluoride in the stone, thus damaging the stone. Therefore, consumers are advised to carefully select the appropriate cleaning agent and protective agent before maintaining the stone. Appendix: Please clean the stone with a suitable cleaning agent for the stone to prevent the use of a small amount of fluoride cleaning agent or a strong acid corrosive cleaning agent, otherwise it will damage the stone and accelerate the aging of the stone or make it shiny. The following are a few chemical agents that can be used for your reference: Fluoric acid, acid fluoride urea, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, industrial hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid.