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Hezhou Stone & Calcium Carbonate Industry Signed 1 Billion 186 Million Yuan Project In Ha Junction

Hezhou Stone & calcium carbonate industry signed 1 billion 186 million yuan project in Ha junction

Release time: 2017-09-25 Author: China Stone Network

March 6th afternoon, jointly organized by the CPC Hezhou Municipal Committee and the Hezhou Municipal People's Government of the second session of Chinese (Hezhou) – calcium carbonate stone industry exhibition press conference held in Xiamen, the day of signing 1 billion 186 million yuan project.

On the same day, the Hezhou Municipal People's government deputy mayor Huang Zhimin and other leaders attended the press conference. Huang Zhimin introduced, Hezhou unique geographical advantages, is the east gate of Guangxi and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao for the most convenient access. At the same time, he was chosen as "the best investment city of Zhejiang Province" and "the best Cantonese commercial investment city in China"". More important is rich in natural resources, has proven mineral resources with 60 kinds of tungsten, tin, decorative granite reserves ranked first in Guangxi, calcium carbonate reserves of 2 billion 600 million cubic meters, the technical indicators have reached the national class level mine.

As the main position of Guangxi calcium carbonate billion dollar industry, Hezhou has built up a stone mining – sheet and crafts – scrap recovery, heavy calcium carbonate superfine powder synthetic stone – new materials (paint, plastic masterbatch, new building materials) – recycling industry chain of carbon calcium solid waste, to conserve resources and protect the ecological environment and improve economic benefits. In April 2016, Hezhou city was awarded the "heavy capital" in the title, has become the largest production base of heavy calcium carbonate and artificial stone production base. At the same time, the development of green building materials industry alliance China and Hezhou city to build a national "green building innovation demonstration base", and authorized the formation of the national building materials Hezhou NSFocus calcium carbonate Specialized Committee ", industrial circular economy related technology promotion.

The day after the press conference, the 8 investment projects signed a total investment of 1 billion 186 million yuan, the project involves plastics, new materials, such as calcium carbonate PET renewable resources industry

It is understood that the second session of Chinese (Hezhou) – calcium carbonate stone industry exhibition will be held September 18, 2017 – 20 in Guangxi, held in Hezhou City, CO sponsored by the unit Chinese Stone Association, Hezhou Municipal People's government. The scope of the exhibition is mainly stone and its products, calcium carbonate and downstream products, stone machinery, environmental protection, technical equipment and ornamental stone products in four major areas.