How To Design The Marble Background Wall

How to design the marble background wall?

Marble as a background wall is more common in home decoration. The natural textures that come with it also need to be designed to coordinate with the style of home decoration. Today, 7 common design methods for marble background walls are shared.

Marble landscape painting

Marble has different textures and colors in the change of natural geographical environment. There is also a kind of "landscape pattern" in various patterns such as chaotic pattern, circle pattern and straight pattern. The natural formation is like a poetic landscape painting.

Applicable style: Chinese

The landscape painting is full of poetic beauty, and can be used as a decorative painting in Chinese home decoration or with Chinese furniture.

Marble texture stitching

Some of the more directional lines in the marble can form a radial pattern, which can also form a symmetrical effect. It is used on the central background wall to create a symmetrical beauty with the furniture placement design.

Applicable style: Chinese style, luxurious style

The Chinese style is very symmetrical, and the patterns combined by the stitching patterns are usually stronger in visual effect and more luxurious. They are also widely used in luxurious home decoration.

Marble natural lines

The natural marble lines are like flowing lines, without cutting and splicing, the whole marble is directly used as a background wall, and it also has a beautiful decoration, like water lines and flowing spaces.

Applicable style: modern, luxurious style

The whole block of marble with simple lines is often used in modern minimalist home decoration, which is not complicated; while the lines with obvious visual effects are suitable for luxurious decoration styles.

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