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How To Make A Mosaic-Mosaic Formation

how to make a mosaic-Mosaic formation

Take RGB for example, R (red red), G (green green), and B (blue blue). Each of these three colors has an intensity value in the range of 0~255. The higher the number, the brighter red, for example, is the R value 255, the G value 0 and the B value 0. The color light can be diluted and brighten by the absence of light. Such as blue light and white light meet, the result is more bright blue color light. So the colors of R, G, and B differ in color. For example, a picture of them, there are many different colors of small patches, due to the small and dense pixel the color very much, and is a mosaic circle range (color small integer range, so generally use rectangular or square to circle), put in the circle of small patches the R value of all add up, calculated the average number of. Then add all the G values and find the mean. Then add all the B values to the mean. The average number of above of the total R value for the R value, the average number of above of the total G value for the G value, the average number of above of the total B value for the B value, forming a color, then the color painted circle, thus forming a mosaic.

How To Make A Mosaic-Mosaic Formation

    Mosaic (Mosaic), the construction of professional terminology for Kam brick, divided into ceramic mosaic brick and glass mosaic brick two. It is a decorative art, usually using a lot of small stones or colored glass fragments to make up patterns, in the Church of the glass crafts, also known as stained glass. During the Byzantine Empire, mosaics developed with the rise of Christianity as a form of frescoes in churches and palaces.

How To Make A Mosaic-Mosaic Formation

    Mosaic, from MOSAIC, are carefully decorated with mosaic pattern spliced. Early people living in caves, in order to make the floor more durable and use a variety of marble to lay the ground, the earliest mosaic is derived from this foundation. Mosaic is one of the earliest mosaic art, with pebbles, shells, tile, glass and other nonferrous block an art piece used in the wall or floor drawing design to the performance of the.