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How To Use Your Marble Color To Design Your Home

During the decoration process, many decoration owners will choose marble. There are many types of floor decoration materials, and marble is one of them. This decoration material is becoming more and more popular in the current decoration market. Reasonable match. The color of the decoration marble is reasonable.

What color is good for the kitchen stove

1. The whole kitchen is dominated by white, especially the white U-shaped cabinets. The overall appearance is beautiful and the details are beautifully carved. The matching warm-toned marble cooktop injects a hint of warmth into the original pure kitchen space. The spotty marble natural texture itself has a very strong sense of decoration.

2. The black marble cooktop is bright and shiny, and the clear natural texture reflects the original texture of the stone. Different color cabinets are matched with the same marble countertops, it is like a tie connecting the two. The whole kitchen decoration creates a natural freshness.

What color is good for the living room

1. Beige marble can make the room look warm instead of cold, coffee color makes it suitable for creating a comfortable home environment. There are many colors of marble tiles in the living room, each with different visual effects.

2. Black and white, white and gray marbles are very common in our lives, so you can choose according to the actual situation. Emphasizes the softness of interior furnishings. And black can not only be used for contrast, but can actually express the unique charm of the design; through lines and geometric figures.

What color is the bathroom

Black-based snake-like marble is popular with consumers for its unique pattern decoration. Although it is dark, it does not give people a sense of depression and gloom. It is often used for bathroom decoration with a relatively large area.