Marble Mosaic-China Mosaic Art Association (MAAC) Sails

Marble mosaic -China Mosaic Art Association (MAAC) sails

By China Mosaic Art Association (MAAC) sponsored by the Beijing Shuo long international culture media Co., Ltd. hosted the Chinese mosaic art association "set sail ceremony in December 26, 2012 officially kicked off in Beijing Linda Sea Fisheries square starfish art museum.

Linda Group Chairman Li Xiaolin said: "in order to guide the development of Chinese mosaic art as its mission, the first to make a bold attempt in the industry, the mosaic art form by the operation of enterprise to the market, is a lofty goal China mosaic art association."

Mosaic as an ancient mosaic art, the earliest from Greece, with 5000 years of history. In ancient Rome, people will be mosaic is widely used in construction, and gradually popular in Europe, in Italy, France, Spain and other countries have a lot of valuable and classic mosaic building decorative products. Today, mosaic art is still a highly respected art in the world. There are more than 40 countries in the world with their own mosaic artists.

According to the chairman China mosaic art association Li Xiaoxiao introduction, Chinese mosaic art association will be adhering to the classical mosaic art culture, to participate in the broader field of mosaic related international academic and artistic communication, so as to establish a practical international art platform. The association is committed to helping more people to understand the forms of mosaic art, and to maintain close exchanges and cooperation with the world's top mosaic art associations in education, exhibitions, engineering and other fields.

Marble Mosaic-China Mosaic Art Association (MAAC) Sails

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