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What are the white marble types?

First, what is white marble?

1. Greek white marble (Pighes White)

The white marble Greek Pighes White is mainly exploited in Greece and is widely used for hundreds of years. This stone was taken from the village of Piges in Greece, hence its name. Greek white marble has many shades and colors and its height is close to pure white and pale. As the quality of the marble decreases, it gradually appears white or gray and dark tones.

2, jazz white marble

Another species of Greek white marble is the Volakas white, which are distributed at several different addresses but are located in Falakro Mountain. Jazz white marble has an ordinary white background color, but there are also other color textures ranging from gray, black, brown, pink to purple. This type of stone has replaced many brands of Italian marble in recent years.

3. Icelandic white jade marble (white rhino)

Icelandic white jade marble is produced in the province of Habis in Namibia. The stone is pale in color and takes its name from its resemblance to rhinoceros horns and other types of pure ivory.

4 white queen

The background color is white, part of the background color is green, and the gray color line is more accented, but the contrast of the background color of the material is not too much important. Color lines in basic materials are problematic. This material has an unstable background and is not suitable for large projects.

5, white hemp pink

The white background and the red accent are in between, like the blooming flowers that appear in the fine white sand. There are a lot of crystals and particles, and the particles are easy to fall during the extraction. Suitable for floors, walls, counters, etc.

6, red snow

Red granite slabs in the snow are mainly used for outdoor floors, steps, pedestals, etc. Machine-made plates are generally used for floors, steps, pedestals, steps, hoes, etc. The decoration of the surface, as well as the floor for the rink, monuments, monuments, etc.

Second, the characteristics of marble

(1) Good decorative performance, marble does not contain radiation, has bright colors and rich colors. It is widely used for decorating walls and interior floors. Excellent processing properties: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc.

(2) The wear resistance of marble is good and it is not easy to age. Its shelf life is usually around 50-80 years. The price is not expensive

(3) In the industry, marble is widely used. Such as: used for raw materials, garbage collectors, etc.

(4) Marble has the characteristics of non-conductivity, non-magnetic conduction and stable field.

From a commercial point of view, marble is a natural material capable of polishing limestone rocks. Not all marbles are suitable for construction. Marble must therefore be divided into four categories: A, B, C and D. This classification method is suitable for relatively weak Class C and Class D marbles, which require special handling before or during installation.

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