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What is the color of the stone in the home improvement?

1,Because natural stone has a lot of colors, color is also very important when we choose stone. For example, the general red symbolizes warmth and enthusiasm, and the hall is decorated with red granite to give people a feeling of being at home. White, off-white, clean and bright, suitable for decorating the bathroom and kitchen. Dark gray and black give people a sense of solemnity and stability, and the combination of several shades of different colors and mosaics will be more distinct and more important, adding a sense of vibrancy and harmony. Due to the limitation of lighting, it is not advisable to choose darker stone when decorating the floor; in addition to the kitchen, it should be bright and bright, such as “big flower green” and “big flower white”. The kitchen countertop should be mainly light. Round tables, table lamps, tables and chairs and other stone products, due to frequent contact with daily life, should consider pollution prevention, such as tea, ink, juice, wine, etc., therefore, the color of the stone should be deeper, like green, blue, red marble, Granite can be. Of course, this is for reference only, and you should choose the right color stone according to the owner's preference.

2,The warm color is good for the beige one. If you want to prefer the simple one, use the white marble for white, and look at your overall match.