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Mosaic installation process

Mosaic in its pristine material, plus the popular elements of fashion, heart color, classic design style, will quickly become the new darling of the fashion decoration materials. But it is mosaic school favorite, brilliant, dazzling flower mosaic parquet patterns will meet individual consumer nuanced requirements, and can satisfy the Home Furnishing DIY designers and enthusiasts of the extraordinary creativity. Decorate your unusual home, bring infinite color and surprise for your life!

Construction preparation

1, technical preparation

(1) before the construction, should carefully review the drawings, make all kinds of model, determination of construction scheme.

(2) according to the established construction plan, the construction process of Mosaic Inlay is formulated. Organize manpower and material supply.

2. Material requirements

(1) mosaic: in order to ensure the seams are straight, the mosaic should be selected before each insertion, and the products should be eliminated, such as those that are too short of edges or the size of the angle is too large, and the color uniformity should be chosen.

(2) adhesive: it is better to use mosaic adhesive (not to use cement), mix it into paste with water (pay attention to water and powder later)

Mosaic installation

First, the base surface treatment: first installation should ensure that the surface of the installation surface level, reserved installation location should be greater than the required mosaic thickness of 3-5MM. Before the shop is stuck should do a comprehensive clean-up work, all surfaces should be strong, clean, no shake, no pollution and other loose matters; painted or very smooth surface should be rough treatment; loose and absorbent substrate surface dirt or dust is difficult to clean thoroughly the surface, first with interface processing agent, help the mosaic paste.

Two, pre paving: installation should be pre installed in accordance with the construction and installation plans, when the area is larger, combined with numbering, schematic stitching. Ensure the coordination of the mosaic with the actual dimensions of the installation surface. If the middle part of the mosaic of the gap of the pre laying, should be mosaic joints on both sides of the glue and gauze cut clear, do joint gap normal coordination so far. Make an auxiliary line or mark on the mounting surface to ensure that the location of each mosaic is accurately fixed.

Three, paving: use 2-3MM sawtooth spatula evenly on the adhesive layer. The thickness should be 3-5MM. Align the single piece of mosaic according to the drawing and place it on the adhesive that is combed. The gap between the two pieces should always be approximately the same as the gap between the tiny particles on each piece. Pad the flat planks on the surface of the mosaic and beat them with a rubber hammer to make sure the bonding is firm. In case a mosaic is too high or too low, it is necessary to remove the particles and to reduce or increase the amount of adhesive. If the mounting surface for the wall, the principle should be to covered, and not one-time paving is too high, to prevent collapse caused by greater weight, and use the auxiliary support to make it close to the wall, with a certain initial strength can remove the rear support. When applying in water environment, it is necessary to do waterproof and anti crack treatment, and recommend special adhesive and caulking agent with good waterproof performance.

Four, seam: to moderate moisture, dry and with the initial strength, the sponge with a soft cloth clean mosaic surface, and then clean with dry cloth, and can start filling. With a wooden or rubber spatula sealant will be poured into the gap in the mosaic. When the filling agent has been filled and the moisture has been moderately dried, the initial strength has been started. Should be cleaned until the sealant is less than 1MM of the mosaic surface, and finally with a dry soft cloth surface cleaning again until the surface clean up.

Five, installation, maintenance: Antique mosaics wax water, in order to enhance its color; polishing mosaic spraying protective agent, increase the efficiency and maintenance of the mosaic photometry; metal mosaic may appear to be the last oxidation phenomenon can be removed.

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