Nanan Stone Decoration Brand Conference Official Curtain

Nanan stone decoration brand conference official curtain

Release time: 2016-09-29 Author: China Stone Network 

September 26th morning, Xin Rong Stone Co. Ltd. brand Shijiazhuang in complete brand management, product quality standardization and simple installation, ushered in the first stone brand & Investment Conference (hereinafter referred to as the conference).

"For now the stone industry, basically is" large enterprises in support of small businesses in their ', each friend is looking for a change, one can let us go more smoothly, more long-term development path." At the press conference, Mr. Huang Zhizun, chairman of the new stone company, expounded his personal ideas.

He said, before the stone brand, the stone industry is basically no brand awareness, unable to control the whole industry chain, it cannot guarantee the quality of the product, there is no corresponding service. Shijiazhuang brand have broken a inertia, products from the source material – Design – production – sales to customer service and other aspects, to regulate the brand standards, in order to attract consumers.

Shijiazhuang installed according to the introduction, the concept of brand is the overall decoration brand stone, stone decoration service platform based on VR and community entrance, to product development as the engine, with a background wall of the nose, with a standardized product for the wing, with flexible customized products for all tail set products group.

At the meeting, the number of science and technology general manager Yu Guojian also explained how to serve the VR brand and the stone and stone decoration decoration industry. He said, 1: 1 product simulation and virtual reality scene Jiezhuang experience for product sales experience service products bring great stimulative effect, greatly improve the product sales rate, but also greatly reduces the operating costs of the business.

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