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Part3: Perfection See The Precautions For The Construction Of The Marble Background Wall

Note that the construction of the marble background wall must be strictly carried out according to the decoration plan. To create a beautiful TV wall, you need to pay careful attention to the following items.

I. Construction requirements for marble TV walls

The marble background wall is made after the woodwork is completed before the marble decoration is made on the site. After the installation of the marble is completed, the paint is applied. The installation requires the walls to be dry and the construction environment should not be blown by the wind. The construction should be carried out according to the organizational plan and strictly controlled.

Matters needing attention for marble installation

According to the stone's laying-out control line, determine the horizontal and vertical lines of the stone and other data. Stone slotting should be set according to the standard spacing of the rack position, and the slotting depth should be determined according to the length of the T-shaped plate.

3. Cautions for caulking construction

Caulking construction must be carried out carefully. Especially, when sticking tape, it is not allowed to open the tape, so as not to leak the stone surface when the glue is applied. After the glue is applied, clean the tape when the glue is fast drying.

Construction and maintenance of marble background wall

In the process of cutting, handling, and construction of marble, there will be more or fewer bumps and natural flaws. In order to perfect the overall visual effect of the marble TV curtain wall, it is necessary to maintain the marble background wall. Perform trimming, waterproofing, etc.

About the attention of the marble TV background, I will introduce it here for everyone, we must pay more attention to these matters during construction to avoid regret.