Greece Volakas White Marble Slabs

Marble Volakas white is produced in ancient Greece, also known as the most elegant stone. The cream background is pure and elegant, and the gray stripes are beautiful and clear, which can highlight the decorative style. The purity of the Volakas Marble is like the eastern sky at dawn; Like ribbons, it flutters in the air, brushing its sleeves; It is more ethereal and graceful, like smoke.

White Marble Color: Volakas Marble, Jazz White Marble

White Marble Factory: FOR U STONE 

Marble Slab Size: 2700upx1700up, 2700upx1800up, 2400upx1200up

Marble Cut-to-Size Tile Size: 24''x24'', 12''x24'', 18''x18'', etc.

Surface: Polished, Honed

MOQ: 100-500 SQM

Application: Indoor and outdoor hotel, villa, and commercial estate projects.

Packages: Solid solid wooden pallet/crate, it's very safe during shipping.


Volakas Marble Slabs For Indoor Tiles and Bathroom Countertops 

The elegant Greece Volakas White Marble Slabs form a strong artistic tension, and the pure and bright visual sense is distributed in every detail of the space, telling the quiet mood of the space in the most concise language. The Polished Treatment of Volakas Marble Slab is a beautiful and elegant addition to any space. It is made out of polished marble, which gives it a luxurious look and feel. This natural Greek White Marble is sure to make any room look more refined and sophisticated. This product is perfect for use as internal cladding.Volakas Marble Wall Cladding Designs

Volakas White Marble Slab has many aesthetic and practical benefits for stairs, risers, sills, door frames, and any other special cutouts that our clients may need. The pieces can have either straight or rounded edges, depending on your preference.
The White Volakas Marble can be found in many different types of buildings, including homes, restaurants, offices, and clubs. If you’re handy with tools, you can save money by cutting your countertop, with the help of your builder or architect. You’ll need a flex or diamond disc. You can use the countertop to frame an oven or a sink.

Basic Information of Volakas Marble | FOR U STONE 

1. Our Features:

a. We are a prominent natural stone manufacturer in China Shuitou town;

b. We can supply any kind of size you need for your project, Customized design;

c. An independent quality control team;


2. Usage:

Volakas white marble is popularly used for interior and exterior decoration, wall tiles, floor tiles, vanity tops, countertops, etc.

Volakas Greek White Marble is top-class, honorable, and elegant. It has deep traces of historical civilization, conveys the thickness of history, and can easily highlight the “master level” decorative performance. The tone of the charm is the base, the color playing principle is the highlight, and the marble fashion posture of the urban upstart jumps out. Art embellishes the taste of life, and the level of beauty is ready to come out.

What is Volakas Marble?

Volakas Marble is a type of dolomite marble. It is characterized by its white color with grey veins. This type of marble is quarried in the town of Volakas in Greece. The Volakas Marble quarry produces marble with different patterns, textures, and colors depending on the location. The marble is mostly white, with a grey, textured surface.
This tile is perfect for floors and walls! The clean color and smooth surface will make your space look unique. Volakas Dolomite Marble is a beautiful, glossy material that is easy to clean. Floors and walls made of Volakas Marble will shine after just a wipe. The Volakas Marble has a glossy surface that is long-lasting and durable. This flooring is perfect for residential places.

The Specification of Volakas Marble 

Volakas Marble For Indoor Floor and Stairs
Marble Slabs
Marble Tiles
400*400mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm or Other Sizes
250 square meters
Lead Time
7 to 45 days depending on the order
Slab Package
Wooden crate package
Tile Package
Wooden frame package

White Marble Slabs Inventory | FOR U STONE 

Volakas Marble Polished Slabs   Volakas White Polished Slabs

Volakas Marble For Flooring Tiles   White Volakas Marble For Bathroom Countertops

Volakas Marble Project Tiles | FOR U STONE 

Volakas Marble Polished Tiles

Volakas white marble tile and slab is an excellent choice for high-quality construction projects due to its exceptional properties. The unique patterns formed by its elegant gray or brown veins make it a beautiful choice for any home.

White Marble Interior Decoration Projects of Volakas Marble | FOR U STONE 

Volakas Marble Indoor Application | FOR U STONE

Volakas Marble can demonstrate a variety of family customs, containing a variety of fun in life. Simple snow white, the skin is like the texture of coagulating fat, simple and generous lines outline a convex curve, strong three-dimensional sense, durable, and never changes color. The color of Volakas white is white and quiet, which is endowed with too many meanings. What remains unchanged from beginning to end is the pure texture. The texture is unique, with more special landscape patterns, which have good decorative performance. In the trend of the patterns and texture, there are traces of prehistoric civilization.

Natural White Marble Slabs and Project Tiles Factory 

natural marble collection from FOR U STONE

FOR U stone provides 100+ natural marble colors for our clients to choose from in any decoration project. Our factory specialized in supplying all kinds of granite products and marble products such as tile, slabs, stairs, countertops, pavement, kerbstone, vanity tops, tombstones, etc. We are exporting our products directly to all over the world, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaidzhan, Bangladesh, Turkey, the UK, Kosovo, Vietnam, Poland, and other Europeancountriesy. 

Volakas Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory

If you’re interested in our Greece volakas white marble slabs, you are welcome to buy quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of China’s leading Hot Sell Marble manufacturers and suppliers, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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