Avocado Quartzite Slabs

Avocado Quartzite, also known as Verde Avocatus Quartzite, is a mesmerizing natural marble decoration building stone that brings a touch of exoticism and untamed beauty to any architectural project. With its intense green hues, complemented by shades of blues, greys, and whites, this stone creates a spectacle in any environment.

  1. Quartzite Material: 100% Brazilian Verde Quartzite-Avocatus
  2. Size: 2900upx1900 up, 2700upx180up, 2400upx1400up, etc
  3. The Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  4. Surface: Polished, with Backlit Effects
  5. MOQ: 100-300 SQM, or small trail order also available
  6. Package: Fumigated strong wooden buddles package.
  7. Quartzite Factory: FOR U STONE
  8. Application: Interior decoration, House floor & wall tiles, Private villas decoration, Shipping mall, Hotel projects, Bathroom design, Wall cladding, Countertop, Shower, Dimensional stone, Flooring.


30mm Avocado Verde Quartzite Leathered Slabs For High-end Interior Projects

Brazilian Luxurious Interior Decoration Material-Avocado Quartzite Slabs embodies the allure and charm of wild and unspoiled nature. Its colors and dynamic patterns evoke images of distant and unexplored places, boundless forests, and untouched landscapes. The intense dark green areas mingled with lighter greens create a captivating cloudy effect, while the inserts of black and white quartz enhance the background, adding further uniqueness and beauty to the surface.

Brazilian Avocado Green Quartzite Countertops and Tiles

Captivating Exotic Charm-Brazilian Dark Green Quartzite-Avocado is one of the most luxurious building stones for premium interior designs, from Flooring, Wall Cladding, Countertops and other OEM products in Hotels, Mansion, Villas, Inns, Malls, and Resturants.

Each piece of Avocado Verde Quartzite Slabs is unique, telling its own captivating story in stone. From luxurious hotels and mansions to vibrant malls and commercial estates, Avocado Quartzite is the perfect choice for interior floors, walls, stairs, and countertops.

Avocatus Green Quartzite Countertops

-The Charming Kitchen Spaces with Avocatus Green Quartzite Countertops, make the whole spaces attractive and premium.

The uniqueness of Avocado Green Quartzite stems from its metamorphic genesis, which provides extraordinary hardness and strength. This stone is not only visually stunning but also highly durable, ensuring its longevity in various applications. Whether used in high-traffic areas or as a statement piece, Verde Avocado Quartzite stands the test of time.

Avocado Verde Quartzite Luxury Tables and Furniture Sets

-For Morden Interior Decoration Projects, Like Villa Livingroom, Hotel Public Spaces, more and more designers prefer to use luxurious stone table series to bright up the spaces. The Luxurious Avocado Quartzite Table series is one of the excellent and unique colors for any high-end interior project.

Versatile Applications Of Quartzite Avocado:

Avocado Dark Green Quartzite Slab offers limitless possibilities for incorporating its beauty into your design. Its exceptional strength makes it ideal for creating tables, kitchen tops, indoor and outdoor floors, walls, stairs, and countertops. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary or traditional aesthetic, Avocado Leathered Quartzite adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any space.

Specification of Luxury Dark Green Quartzite


Verde Avocatus Quartizite, Avocado Green Quartzite


Green, Black, and White


Slabs, Tiles, Skirting, Countertops, Vanity tops, Tread, Riser, Bar tops, Dining Table, Mosaic, Borders, etc.


1. Gangsaw slabs: 240up x 120up cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm etc

2. Half Slabs: 180~240×60/70/80/90cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm etc

3. Cut to size: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 30x60cm, 60x6cm, 120x60cm etc

4. Tiles: 30.5×30.5x1cm, 40x40x1cm, 45.7×45.7x1cm

5. Countertops: 96′”26′” 108′”26′” 96′”36′” 108′”36′”or custom size

6. Vanity Tops: 25′”19′”22′” 31′”19′”22′” 37′”19′”22′” 43′”22′” 49′”22′” 61′”22′” 73′”22”

Edge Process

Flat Polished, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, 1/4′”bevel, 3/8′”Round, Ogee, Dupont, Waterfall, Pencil, Miter edge, Chiseled Edge, etc


Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Chiseled, Bush Hammered, Pineapple, Water Jet.


Wooden Crate, Plywood Pallet, Carton, subject to materials.


30% Deposit, 70% against copy of B/L.


Xiamen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shanghai etc

New Cutting Jumbo Slabs of Avocado Quartzite


Leather Avocado Quartzite Slabs

Avocados Green Quartzite Slabs

Verde Avocatus Quartzite Slabs

Avocatus Verde Quartzite Slabs

Exquisite Brazilian Origin:
Source from a recently opened quarry in Brazil, Green Avocado Quartzite is a relatively new material that has already captured the attention of high-level architects and designers. Its unique and spectacular appearance makes it a sought-after choice for the most original and fashionable projects. Embrace the rare beauty of this stone and let it transform your architectural vision into a reality.

Avocatus 30mm Quartzite Slabs

Brazilian Dark Green Quartzite-Avocados

Avocatus Dark Green Quartzite Slabs

Extoic Quartzite Avocatus

Leathered Finish for Enhanced Texture:

To accentuate the natural beauty and texture of Avocado Quartzite, a leather finish is recommended. The polished surface highlights the darker green areas, giving them a matte appearance, while the lighter parts retain their inherent luster. The combination of textures adds depth and dimension to the stone, elevating its visual appeal.

With Avocado Quartzite, you can infuse your architectural projects with the enchanting beauty of nature. Its exotic charm, exceptional strength, and versatile applications make it the perfect choice for interior floors, walls, stairs, and countertops. Let the captivating shades of green and dynamic patterns of Avocado Quartzite transform your space into a stunning testament to the wonders of nature. Experience the allure of this unique stone and bring a touch of exoticism to your next creation.

Luxury Exotic Quartzite Slabs and Tables Factory

 Professional Dark Green Exotic Quartzite Slabs Factory-FOR U STONE

Quality Control:
We’ will provide standard packaging according to clients’ requirements, such as wooden crates, plywood cases, PVC boxes, wooden frames, wooden pallets, and so on.

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient, and efficient packaging services will be provided.
FOR U STONE is an import and export organisation with 15 years of experience dealing in natural stone products. Our factory is located in the World Stone Trading Centre in the China Special Economic Zone in Xiamen, China.

Since our establishment, we have had close relationships with many quarry owners from China, Turkey, Italy, etc. Our achievement throughout the years has grown our supply from a mere 50,000 sq m to 3,500,000 sq m annually, and the products are supplied to our major distributors from the USA, Poland, Spain, Greece, the Middle East, Singapore, the UK, Japan, Korea, etc.

Luxury Brazilian Exotic Quartzite Supplier-FOR U STONE

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