Backlit Patagonia Quartzite

Amazing Natural and Luxurious Brazilian Stone-Patagonian quartzite is one of the most extraordinary and picturesque stones found in nature. A stone characterized by strength and hardness, it has a graphic effect of outstanding beauty. Quartzite Patagonia Slabs are characterized by an extraordinary combination of shapes and colors. Some parts are white, black, beige, and brown, alternating with other shades of translucent gray quartz, streaked with gold.
  1. Quartzite Material: 100% Brazilian Quartzite Patagonia
  2. Size: 2900upx1900up, 2700upx1800m, 2400upx1400up, etc
  3. The Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  4. Surface: Polished, with Backlit Effects
  5. MOQ: 100-300 SQM, or small trail order also available
  6. Package: Fumigated strong wooden buddles package.
  7. Quartzite Manufauctuer: FOR U STONE
  8. Application: Interior decoration, House floor & wall tiles, Private villas decoration, Shipping mall, Hotel projects, Bathroom design, Wall cladding, Countertop, Shower, Dimensional stone, Flooring.


Amazing Brazilian Quartzite Stone Patagonia

Backlit Patagonia Quartzite is a purely natural stone from Brazil. Each piece has a unique texture, delicate and smooth. Unlike many luxury stones, it has a material that tends to be crystallized. It is a unique material that has been honed over time as if recording the secrets of a precious treasure’s past. Patagonia Quartzite Backlit Slab’s surface is composed of four colors: gray, white, gold, and black, and the 巴塔哥尼亚石英石 |  为你石texture changes like waves. The natural Patagonia Quartzite Slab luster presents the elegance of art and nature. Integrating Pandora into space gives the space a bit of mystery, injects a touch of color and fashion into space, and adds a bit of fun to life.

The Base information of Patagonia Quartzite Stone

Name: Backlit Patagonia Quartzite for Indoor Wall Cladding or Stair Suitcase Projects From ForU Stone

lithology: natural quartz stone

Place of Origin: Brazil

Color: gray, white, gold, black

Features: like sunlight through the branches and leaves sprinkled with dappled shadows, clearly reflected in the snow

Use area: background wall, floor, countertop

Quartz, feldspar, amphiboles, mica, iron oxide, and a variety of other minerals can be found in a piece of Patagonia Quartzite Slab. The milky, translucent parts of Patagonia Quartzite Stone are due to the high concentration of quartz.

Patagonia Brazilian Quartzite is a purely natural stone, with each piece having a unique texture, delicate and smooth. Unlike many other巴塔哥尼亚石英石厨房 |  为你石 luxury quartzite stones, it has a material that tends to be crystallized, a unique material that has been honed over time, as if recording the secrets of precious treasures of the past.

Patagonia Quartzite’s extraordinary sheen and natural glitter make it impossible to imagine that this material exists naturally. Patagonia Quartzite Polished Slab is used in some of the most spectacular designs in contemporary interiors. This unique stone, mined in Brazil, is also known as Patagonia quartzite. This is owing to the high concentration of quartz in the rock.

Its unique properties make it a valuable material for sophisticated interiors. One of his most extraordinary contemporary design pieces is the increasingly trendy Patagonian quartzite. The combination of colors and surface brilliance that sometimes shines make this natural stone an attractive element suitable for both private and public spaces. It’s a statement stone, bold, with lots of character, and extremely versatile; it can also be backlit through some parts to reveal its crystalline nature.

The ideal use of Patagonia quartzite is for interiors: its hardness and resistance properties make it particularly suitable for kitchen tops, tables, coffee tables, and bathroom surfaces.

The Luxury Patagonia Quartzite Backlit Stone performs better when used in large formats(large size of Tiles or Panels, will be better for indoor applications), to point out all its features.

Patagonia quartzite is not only an excellent stone, but it is also a very resistant and long-lasting material, which makes it extremely practical since it does not require much maintenance. This fiery Brazilian natural stone adds not just an element of elegance but also drama, uniqueness, and unsurpassed coloration. Patagonia Quartzite is nature’s perfect natural stone creation: hard, strong, and incredibly resistant to scratches and stains, making it a good choice for not only countertops and backsplashes but also outdoor applications.

Basic Info of Patagonia Quartzite Stone


Patagonia Quartzite is a unique and dramatic stone with exceptional hardness and strength. Its visual elements are of exceptional beauty. A beautiful and resilient quartzite that allows for rich backlighting due to its semi-opaque nature It has parts that are translucent and others that are not, making it ideal for developing large-scale projects where the play of natural stone and light is essential.

Model Number: Patagonia Quartzite Design Style: Modern
Warranty: NONE Application: Hotel
After-sale Service: Online technical support Brand Name: Xiamen For U Stone Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects Stone Name: Patagonia White Quartzite
Place of Origin: Brazil Surface Finishing: Polished
Marble Type: Calcite Usage: Interior
Stone Form: Big Slab Surface: Polished or Honed
Type: Quartzite Colors: White
Name: Patagonia Quartz Stone Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, or as required
Density: 2.9g/cm3 Service: ODM Service
Polish Degree: over 85 degrees Water absorption: 0.12%

Jumbo Slabs Photos of Patagonia Quartzite 

巴塔哥尼亚石英岩 巴塔哥尼亚石英岩板

巴塔哥尼亚抛光石英石板  巴塔哥尼亚石英石全板

Volcanic activity in Brazil has created beautiful Patagonian quartzite. Over millions of years, molten material cooled and floated to the surface, much of which crystallized in the process, forming various layers of streaks. Today, these finished slabs are especially impressive when the stone is used in large-scale designs.

Specifications of Brazilian Patagonia Quartzite
Products Natural Quartzite
Color White, Yellow, Brown, Red, Black, Light Grey, Green, etc.
Items Slabs, Tiles, Skirting, Countertops, Vanity tops, treads, risers, Bar tops, Dining Tables, Paving stones, mosaics, Borders, Kerbs, Tombstones, Etc.
Dimension 1. Gangsaw slabs: 240up x 120up cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, etc
2. Half Slabs: 180~240×60/70/80/90cm in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, etc
3. Cut to size: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 30x60cm, 60x6cm, 120x60cm etc
4. Tiles: 30.5×30.5x1cm, 40x40x1cm, 45.7×45.7x1cm
5. Countertops: 96″x26″, 108″x26″, 96″x36″, 108″x36″ or custom size
6. Vanity Tops: 25″x19″/22″, 31″x19″/22″, 37″x19″/22″, 43″x22″, 49″x22″, 61″x22″, 73″x22″
Edge Process Flat Polished, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, 1/4″ bevel, 3/8″ Round, Ogee, Dupont, Waterfall, Pencil, Miter edge, Chiseled Edge, etc
Surface Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Chiseled, Bush Hammered, Pineapple, Water Jet.

Quality Control of Patagonia Quartzite Stone Slabs and Countertops

1/ Gloss degree 45 or up
2/ Thickness tolerance: ( ±1mm)
3/ Diagonal tolerance: ( ±1mm)
4/ Surface flatness tolerance: ( ±0.3mm)
All our products are fully inspected one piece by one piece.

Wild Rang Applications of Patagonia Quartzite


-Patagonia White Quartzite is perfect for large interior design projects, naval design, and technical floors.

Quartzite Patagonian adds style and class to your interior or exterior project by choosing large-size slabs. Patagonia Quartzite Tile has become a very popular choice for interior walls, and exterior facades in recent years due to its strength and durability.
Patagonia Blacklit Quartzite Slabs are available for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, patio floors, kitchen countertops and islands, worktops, backsplash tops, stair steps, and window sill warehouses.

Why is Patagonia Quartzite popular?

Patagonia quartzite is great for indoor use, and its toughness and hardness make it ideal for kitchen countertops, coffee tables, bathroom surfaces, and tables. Due to the mixture of colors, this stone looks best in a large format, letting all the features stand out.

Patagonia Quartzite’s surface shines, sometimes shimmers, sometimes melts, and its blend of colors makes this natural stone an amazingly ideal dramatic element, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

If you’re interested in our backlit Patagonia quartzite, you are welcome to buy quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of the leading Quartzite Slab manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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