Beige Travertine Marble Mosaic for Flooring Tiles

Stone Type: limestone honeycomb composite pabel
Primary Color(s):beige
Country of Origin: portugal
Variations: Low 
Avaiable Finishes: Polished ,Honed, brushed,flamed, etc
Thickness:18mm, 20mm, 30mm according to requirement


Product Details

Beige Travertine marble mosaic


Marble mosaic is made of natural stone by special process, without adding any chemical dye itself. The marble mosaic preserves the ancient color stone itself unique, this natural marble mosaic to build and perfect color in the chastity natural texture space, naturally forget the glitz and noisy in reality, at this time the fuzzy space feel real and simple.

mosaic description.jpg

Material application 

Marble mosaic, because of its small size, can make some puzzles, produce gradient effect. Marble mosaic is mainly used for wall and ground decoration. Because of mosaic, its single unit area is small, color species

Marble mosaic Beige Travertine Marble Mosaic for Flooring Tiles

It has the unique artistic charm and personality temperament. Widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, station, swimming pool, entertainment, home ground and wall art parquet etc..

Our Company Advantages:

Customized design and sizes etc

Own mosaic factory with competitive price in market

Lots new and popular mosaics designs can be selected.

Timely delivery according to client requirements.

Mosaic Market

It is estimated that today's mosaic pursuit of extreme luxury, emphasizing details, paying attention to style, highlighting individuality, advocating environmental protection and health, so more and more popular, favored by the market. The mosaic will further expand the market, one is depending on the mosaic art value; two is the reform and opening up, Chinese economy has been growing rapidly, the quality of people's living standards and improve quickly, the funds have time to pay attention to the quality of life; three is the pursuit of individuality of young people will become the main consumer, and the characteristic is mosaic you can meet this demand. He stressed that the market demand for mosaic is quite large, and the sale of mosaic is limited to big cities such as provincial capitals, but the two tier cities have not yet involved.

Mosaic Future prospects

Mosaic really want to enter the ordinary people's home, there is still a way to go, to break through the bottleneck of two aspects. One is to solve the problem in paving, paving, the unit area is very small, require workers to have superb paving technology; the two is to guide the designer in the designer's idea can be used to expand the scope of the mosaic.


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