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Marble Texture Quartz ,cappucino quartz slabs

Manufacturing comparative (quartz and artificial marble)

Quartz Mesa 

Quartz stone countertops, is a new kind of gorgeous stone composed of small new synthesis technology of artificial stone, its manufacturing process is connected to a set of the most advanced and patent system into production. The product is composed of more than 90% natural quartz or stone, and a mixture of super high performance resin and special pigment. The table panel made of quartz stone material has no harmful elements to human body on the basis of high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning. Up to 93% of natural quartz usually contain quartz stone, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives, selection of materials by color and vacuum pressure to form a complex is extremely close, after cutting and polishing process become complex surface of quartz stone, the surface of the plate as hard as granite, like color marble rich structure of a glass like anti pollution, after finishing the form like artificial stone as perfect.

Its main material is quartz, quartz stone without radiation, high hardness, making the quartz stone mesa scraping (Mohs hardness 7), dirty not dye (vacuum manufacturing, dense non hole), not bad (quartz material). High temperature 1300 DEG C), with the old (30 polishing process without maintenance, non-toxic, no radiation (NSF) certification, does not contain heavy metals, direct contact with food). Colorful quartz stone surface, Gobi series, crystal series, granite series, star series features, can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, laboratories, exhibition etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, commode, kitchen wall, dining table, coffee table, windowsill door, etc.) the field, is a kind of non radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green building new indoor decoration materials.

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial hillock stone is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder and bonded with marble powder, stone sand or granite fragment with binder. Ordinary hillock stone, also called man-made marble. There are two kinds of mode of production: production and production of pressing blocks, both have advantages and disadvantages. The former is dominant in the diagonal and flatness, while the latter is better in color uniformity, and can also be used in special-shaped machining, such as cylindrical machining. The market for stone blocks to the production of more.

Product characteristics: (1) most of the stone used in the different colors of organic pigments, organic pigments on sunlight, water, acid and other ingredients are not tolerant, easy to fade or even discoloration. The stone most glue content is high, on the one hand, resulting in a stone texture decoration effect is not strong, not on the level, on the other hand, the glue of expansion and contraction amplitude, easy deformation Qiqiao, short service life, moreover, the glue contains volatile toxic gases, harmful to human body. Because of the technical reasons, there are a lot of pores, and the products have poor impact resistance, and they are easy to seep and stain, and have poor resistance to disease. Their gloss is relatively false, and they are easy to be worn and not durable. The use of marble powder as raw materials of stone not acid, because its main component is CaCO3, CaCO3 and acid reaction and easy decomposition; marble powder and binder hardness is very low, so the stone hardness is very low, generally less than the Mohs hardness of 3, so don't wear resistance, not easy to scratch. Because of the composition of marble and granite, the first generation of stone hillock has more or less radioactivity.

Artificial stone is mainly used for interior wall and floor, in the physical performance in use is lower than that of natural stone and quartz stone, when used in the ground to produce blistering, discoloration, scratching phenomenon, after a long time is very difficult to clean. In terms of surface gloss, there is a big gap with natural stone.

carrara quartz slabs

cream colored quartz

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italian grey quartz slabs

london grey quartz

carrara quartz 

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vanila quartz

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