​Pure White Quartz Stone

The simplest color to create is pure white quartz. It's bright, straightforward, pure, light, and gentle. It's like ice and snow, or white clouds that represent peace and holiness. It is not only free to fly under the supervision of designers, but it is also a must-have color for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops in any Real Estate project.

Quartz Slabs and Countertop Factory: FOR U Stone
Quartz Color :Pure White Quartz, Ice White Quartz, Crystal White Quartz
Slab: 3200×1600×18MM, 3200×1600×20MM, 3200×1600×30MM
Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm

Quartz Countertop Size: 96"x26"x3/4", 108"x 26" x3/4", etc.

MOQ: 100-300 SQM

Payment: TT, L/C, Western Union etc.

Quartz Application: 100+ Engineered Quartz Stone Colors for Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, Schools, Mall, Sports Venues, Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, Park, Farmhouse, and Courtyard in Cut-to-Size Tiles, Worktops, Vanity Tops and Countertops.


Pure White Quartz Jumbo Slabs For Countertops

Pure white quartz slab is a smooth, sleek and sophisticated white that offers the ideal blend of modern style and durability. It features a pure, clean, and timeless aesthetic. The Pure White Quartz Stone’s color meets today’s constant demand for new varieties of white. Engineered Pure White Quartz Slabs and Countertops combine contemporary style and superior design with durability and incredible ease of care.

Engineered Pure White Quartz Factory | For U Stone

-Pure White Quartz/Crystal White Quartz/ Arctic White Quartz For Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops | FOR U STONE Quartz Factory 

Bright white spreading through the entire jumbo slab, engineered quartz stone pure white adds a crisp, clean look to your design space.

A pure white quartz kitchen looks like the pinnacle of modern decor, but some people don’t like the unnatural brightness. Artificial Pure White Quartz Stone does not suit all styles. Suitable for homeowners who prefer clean, sophisticated minimalism. Crystal White Quartz Slabs or countertops without a proper design aesthetic can look bare and featureless, and homeowners will quickly grow bored.

However, you are not limited to plain white. FOR U Stone White Quartz Stone Slab colors come in a variety of patterns, including different shades of white and those resembling natural stone. Still, Ice White quartz countertops(pure white quartz countertops) aren’t as appealing as natural marble, which develops a patina over time that many homeowners appreciate.

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Basic Information of White Quartz Stone

Model NO.:  White Quartz Edging:  Eased
Function: With Cabinet Stone Density:  2.7g/cm3
Water Asorption:  < 0.2 Product:  White Quartz Countertop
Sizes:  96′′*36′′, 96′′*26′′, 78′′*26′′, 78′′*36′′, 72′′*3 Transport Package: Packed in Strong Wooden Crates Fumigated
Payment: T/T, L/C, Dp Trademark: 
Specification:  customized Origin:  Fujian. China
HS Code:  680293

Engineered White Quartz Jumb Slabs Inventory | FOR U STONE 

Pure White Quartz Stone Slabs   Pure White Quartz Polished Slabs


Engineered Pure White Quartz

Quartz Slabs and Countertops Factory

For U Stone








Kitchen Countertop

24″x96″-108″, 26″x96″-108″, 28″x96″-108″, 28″x96″-108″, etc.

Countertop Peninsula

36″/39″/28″ x 78″, etc.

Countertop Island

36″x84″, 36″x96″, 36″x108″, etc.

Bathroom Vanity top

25″X22″, 31″x22″, 37″X22″, 49″X22, 61″X22″ with/without Ceramic sink, etc.

Countertop Snack Bar

12″x96″, 16″x96″, 108″x18″, etc.

Bar top


Thickness: 3/4″,  1 1/5″, 2cm , 2.5cm, 2cm+2cm, 3cm etc.

Other as customized


Polished, honed, etc

Edge profiles

Visible sides polished, Glossiness degree 85~100, full set of Polish resin.


Foam pastice inner padded, furmigated wooden crates, reinforced with plastic or metal straps outside


for kitchen, bathroom, bar top, worktop, tabletop, etc

If you have any enquiry for your projects,please feel free to contact us. We would be very happy to offer our service.

Pure White Quartz Jumbo Slabs   Engineered Pure White Quartz

As you may or may not know, Snow White Quartz Slab is a popular kitchen countertop material.  FOR U’s 100+ Engineered Quartz colors range from white to dark tones. Artificial Quartz Stone For Kitchen and bathroom Countertops is increasingly being used in construction. Durable, beautiful and well made. With the advent of minimalism, white quartz countertops are becoming more popular.

Quartz Countertops for Kitchen and bathroom 

Quartz Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Pure White Quartz Kitchen worktops have the advantage of requiring less maintenance than natural stone worktops. Unlike granite or marble, quartz countertops do not need to be resealed regularly to prevent liquids from seeping into the surface. It is best wiped with a damp cloth, water, and a mild detergent solution. This allows for further maintenance savings. With proper care, Engineered White quartz countertops can last for decades, and most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products.

Other White Quartz Colors from For U Stone 

Crystal White Quartz Bench Tops   White Quartz Kitchen Countertops

-Snow White Quartz Kitchen Countertops and Bench Tops 

Engineered Crystal White Quartz Stone is also known as Sparkling White Quartz, Sparkling White Quartz, Sparkling White Quartz, Galaxy White Quartz, Ice White Quartz, Ice Glacial Quartz in the market FOR U STONE Factory Crystal White Quartz Countertop Slabs are perfect for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, bar tops, accent walls and more This white engineered quartz stone is a classic color for kitchen and bathroom countertops, but it never goes out of style in any decor.

Calacatta White Quartz Slabs   White Calacatta Quartz Slabs

-Calacatta Marble Look Quartz Slabs For Countertops 

Synonymous with elegance and sophistication, Calacatta Quartz stone is considered one of the most desirable countertops available today. As an artificial stone, quartz is durable and resistant to heat and stains. As a result, it stands up to everyday wear effectively, and its wide range of attractive colors and patterns makes it an ideal way to dress up in your kitchen.
Calacatta quartz slabs are popular for interior wall cladding and building materials. They have good cutting performance and can be used according to the interior of various rooms. This glass also has a good elastic limit and adapts to different arcs, making it resistant to deformation and cracking in a variety of environments. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable stone decor for your home or office, look no further.

Advantages of Engineered Quartz Stone 

* One of the main benefits of quartz countertops is that they are extremely durable.
* Quartz countertops never have to be sealed, unlike granite, marble, and other surfaces that require regular maintenance.
* Quartz countertops are scratch resistant, but due to their hardness they may dull a knife that is used directly on the surface.
* Like all natural stone countertops, quartz can be damaged by sudden changes in temperature. Pot holders and trivets should be used to protect a quartz countertop from anything hot.
* Though quartz countertops are not approved for outdoor use, quartz may be used in outdoor kitchens with full overhead coverage from the elements.

Chinese Quartz Slabs and Countertop Factory | FOR U STONE 

Professional Quartz Slabs and Countertop Factory | FOR U STONE

Our advantage:

1. Professional stone supplier over more than 17 years experience.

2. Purchase Team source the worldwide range of stone materials.

3. Quality is guaranteed under experienced inspectors’ team’s control.

4. On-time delivery with factories’ large production capacity.

Pure White Quartz Factory | FOR U STONE
If you’re interested in our pure white quartz stone, welcome to buy the quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of the leading White Quartz Stone manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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