Quartz Surface Kitchen Countertops Spray

Quartz Surface Kitchen Countertops spray


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Quartz Surface Kitchen Countertops spray

Type:  Artificail Stone, artificial quartz                                 

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: FORU STONES                                                     Model Number: Solid surface quartz stone

Stone Form: Big slabs 2700X1800,3200X1600                

Color: Grey,Mulit-grey,light grey,dark grey

Thickness: 15mm,18mm,20mm,30mm…                          

Tolerance:+/- 1mm

Surface Finish: Polished                                                   Application: Countertop, Vanity, Table top, Floor


Artificial Quartz Stone VS Natural Marble


Quartz Stone

Natural Marble

Mohs hardness






High temperature resistance

Its melting point is 1300℃,temperature resistance is 300 ℃.

Metamorphic rocks, if the temperature is more than 650℃, it will decomposed.

Stain resistance

Drop the soy sauce, vinegar, coffee on the quartz stone, and wipe it with detergent water after 24 hours, then observe if its surface color change or not.

Mainly made of calcium carbonate, the surface is more easily to be penetrated.

Fire resistance

Put the quartz stone in size 10 mm × 30 mm on the open fire, the strip can’t burn.

Marble is a kind of incombustible materials.

Acid and Alkali Resistance

Erode the quartz stone surface with 3% hydrochloric acid solution, etc. And no visible change at the quartz stone surface.

There would be chemical reaction between marble and acid solutions. It is easier to be eroded.

Water Absorption Rate



Breaking Strength

Standard according to SN / T0308-1993, about 49.35 Mpa.

Slightly inattentive will cause fragmentation and influence the utilization rate.

Compression Strength

Standard according to SN/T0308-1993,about 187.75 Mpa.

Natural marble is fragile, especially the long board.

Radioactive limit indicators

No radiation, internal and external radiation index is in line with GB6566-2001.

Higher than quartz stone, < 0.23.


>60 degree

The glossiness range is 70-85 degrees.

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