Marble Onyx Travertine Limestone Composite with Aluminium Plastic Panel and Translucent Honeycomb for Wall Cladding Tile

Stone Type: travertine honeycomb composite pabel
Primary Color(s):beige
Country of Origin: turkey
Variations: Low 
Avaiable Finishes: Polished ,Honed, brushed,flamed, etc
Thickness:18mm, 20mm, 30mm according to requirement


Product Details

marble onyx travertine limestone composite with aluminium plastic panel for flooring tiles and wall tile


1: What is composite tile?

Marble ,granite ,onyx, travertine, artificial marble ,sandstone, limestone  etc stone for surface  composite with other materials at the backing such as aluminum honeycomb panel, porcelain ,ceramic , glass , aluminum plate, glass fiber net , PVC, cellular bench ,artificial stone ,granite , marble etc.

There are some regular composite tiles as following:

A: marble 3-5mm thickness composite with 9-11mm porcelain backing

Regular Size : 12”x12” ,  12”x24” , 24”x24” ,32”x32” ,24”x48”

B: Marble ,granite ,limestone , travertine , onyx , sandstone etc 3-5mm composite with aluminum ,alumimun honeycomb , translucent honeycomb etc back board

Max size : 48”x96” , 60”x96” ,60”x120”, and according projects requirement size.

C: onyx or white marble , red marble etc composite with tempered glass, laminated glass, normal glass , translucent honeycomb , fiberglass ,PVC etc we call this jade light composite panel.

Max size : 48”X96”

D: marble surface composite with same color marble such Italy portoro composite with poor quality portoro marble or other black marble for back board .

Maxsize :48”x96” 


2: Why use the composite tile and the advantage of the composite tile ?

Why use the composite tile and the advantage of the composite tile

(1)Light weight

The thinnest marble composite board can only be 3~5mm thick (combined with aluminum plastic panel). The commonly used composite tiles or granite, only about 12mm thick, only transportation costs a lot of savings, the building has the limit of the load, it is the best choice.

(2)High strength

After the composite of marble, ceramic tile, granite and aluminum honeycomb board, the bending strength, flexural strength and shear strength of the marble are obviously improved, and the breakage rate in the process of transportation, installation and use is greatly reduced.

(3)Improvement of anti pollution ability

The ordinary marble plate (the board) in the installation process or after the process, such as using cement wet paste, probably after six months or a year, various color and stains appear very difficult to remove the marble surface. The composite plate avoids this because of its hard and dense floor and a thin layer of glue.

(4)Easier to control color difference

Because the marble composite board is made of – 1m

The original board (the board) cut into 3 or 4 pieces into a 3M – or 4m -, and its pattern, color and the original sheet 100% almost the same, so it is easy to guarantee the use of a large area.

(5)Easy installation

Because of the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color separation splicing greatly improve the efficiency and safety of installation, but also reduce the installation cost.

(6)Break through the forbidden zone

The decorative parts of marble, both inside and outside wall, floor, window, porch, desktop and so on, the original ordinary board (the board) are not the problem, but the ceiling either marble or granite, any decoration companies dare not and can not take the risk. The marble and aluminum-plastic board, aluminum honeycomb composite board broke through the forbidden area of the stone decoration. Because it's very light, the weight is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the board. If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it's not the only thing.

(7)Sound insulation and moisture proof

The composite board made of aluminum honeycomb board and marble has the property of sound insulation, moisture proof, heat insulation and cold proof because of its hollow aluminum bee core made of equilateral six sides. Therefore, these characteristics are far beyond the performance characteristics of the whole board.

(8)Energy saving and consumption reducing

Because of its sound insulation, moisture proof and heat preservation performance, the stone aluminum honeycomb composite board can greatly reduce the consumption of electric energy and heat energy after installation indoors and outside.

(9)cost reduction

Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, it saves a part of the cost in transportation and installation, and for the more expensive stone species, the composite board is cheaper than the original board to a certain extent.

Marble composite board not only has the advantages of natural stone performance, but also has practical performance advantages, which also determines the sustainable development trend of its future market. The widespread use of more and more countries and markets in the international market has also verified the market development trend of marble composite panels.






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