Removing Rust Stone

Removing rust stone

Release time: 2017-09-08 Author: China Stone Network 

Stone Fanjian, water spots, yellow rust and so on a series of closely related with water stone disease have a headache this week let peer friends, Xiao Bian first principle and treatment methods of rust stone have to share with you, I believe there will be some help for friends.


What is the rust rust? Is the chemical compound with iron iron containing substances into the environment or stone material in the reaction, the formation of yellow or brown markings on the stone surface. Chemically explained by the reaction of iron with oxygen in moist air. The chemical reaction requires three components, namely Fe (iron), O2 (oxygen) and H2O (water).


The reason rust yellow stone formation:


Is a primary rust. Iron oxygen chemical composition in stone contains a certain amount of gold, such as beige, cream, Royal botticino, etc.. These iron containing substances in the humid environment and air contact, it is easy to be oxidized, two generated rust, and with the flow of water in the pores of stone and diffusion, the stone surface will appear irregular yellow speckle.


Two secondary rust. Stone in the mining, processing, transportation, pavement, the use of the process of direct immersion in rust, or iron residue in the stone surface, with the passage of time, oxidation and diffusion, resulting in rust yellow spots. In areas where acid rain is serious, acid rain will constantly destroy iron containing substances (such as dry pendants, scaffolding, etc.) around the stone, and transfer rust to the stone surface.


Three is to dissolve of rust. During the use and maintenance of stone materials, it is polluted by strong acids (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc.) or washed with strong acid. The strong acid dissolves the stones and the surrounding iron, forming a solution containing iron. These solutions will seep into and stay inside the stone and, as the alkaline substance and acidity decrease, the iron will turn to rust.


Judge rust type:


First type of rust, rust stone itself, it is difficult to completely handle. Because to rust, to the reaction of iron, iron and stone inside is difficult to completely remove.


Second species and third species of rust is relatively easy to deal with. The specific process is: cutting block – rust protection is removed – – Night – remove an antidote against the disease drug treatment protective antioxidant treatment.


1, cutting block. Stone will continue to produce rust causes separated, such as iron, water, do not let the rust continue to expand.


2, lift door. The stone had protective treatment, should first remove the protective function of the original stone, otherwise the agent rust can not penetrate stone internal governance, and play a corresponding role. Solvent (oil) protective agent, can be removed with the exception of ointment, DEC21; water type (water-based) protective agent can be lifted with DEC21.


3, an antidote against the disease. The use of professional marble (marble) rust remover to remove rust, the use of marble rust remover, granite rust remover, MAR, NO, RUG and so on.

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