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Sixtieth Old Invention Thin Stone Cutting Machine

Sixtieth old invention thin stone cutting machine

Author: Fujian stone industry Internet source: a less than 10 square meters of the cabin, a pair of vertical lifting stone cutting machine. Two pieces weighing 6 tons of marble, respectively, between the machines. When the machine is turning, the diamond tool is installed in the lower circle of the machine wheel, and then the hard stone is cut into pieces. The plates are thinnest, only 5 millimeters.

This is a scene in a workshop in Mashan village, Ezhou, yesterday.

The machine is called "multi frame cutting saw machine", its inventor is 63 years old this year, Zhang Zhongming. He told reporters proudly: "the stone can be cut so thin, there are no second in the world."."

It is understood that this machine has won the national invention patent. At the end of the month, the machine was successfully assembled, a professor at the China University of Geosciences field study concluded that: "it in stone cutting technology, tool selection and equipment structure, it is innovation."

Not long ago, someone out of 8 million yuan to buy the patents, was rejected by Zhang Zhongming.