Stone Care, Renovation, We Should Pay Attention To What

Stone care, renovation, we should pay attention to what?

Release time: 2017-09-11 Author: China Stone Network

Stone, as a kind of fashion, high-grade building materials, types of stone, I believe many people are not very understanding. Do you know how to conserve stone material? The best protection for polishing marble is to protect the marble with permeable, waterproof and anti – oil protective agent before it is put into use. Maintenance of granite, then the first permeability protective agent for pre – treatment, the daily use of neutral or weak acid cleaning agent cleaning. How do you understand the steps of stone retreading? Here's C Xiao Jie for you to introduce.


Delta is a kind of high-grade building materials, stone needs maintenance and care from time to time


How to care for stone


Stone care, mainly due to the environment, man-made stone, stone itself caused by weathering, after the lesion treated by chemical methods, reproducing the original appearance of the stone, is the renovation of stone. General stone encountered water seepage, pollution, weathering and so on, will cause gloss, wear and other problems, this time you need to carry out professional care of stone. In general, it is necessary to deal with the following aspects of the stone:


A different stone need different maintenance




Stone wall seepage and pollution:


Water wipe, without the use of other cleaning agent.




To prevent water spots:


Before construction using the multifunctional protector or special stone protective agent.




The treatment of Bai hua:


Stone surface protection treatment and strengthen the joint part of the waterproof function.




Rust treatment:


Using powerful scavenger, can effectively remove the rust and damage of stone. It is better to do protection before installation.




Treatment stain:


Choose special cleaning agent suitable stone can be effectively removed.




Treatment wax scale:


The use of decontamination wax removing agent, can effectively remove dirt and wax stone surface within the pores and not hurt the stone luster, wax, using multifunctional protective agent.




Spit yellow (straw yellow) processing:


Using multifunctional scavenger can, then a series of protective products for protection, can effectively prevent vomit again yellow.




Processing wear:


Surface treatment stone care agent as a regular treatment to protect the surface.


Nursing delta stone needs from many aspects


Stone is a kind of fashion, gorgeous decorative building materials, maintenance method is relatively special, light cleaning must use the stone special cleaning agent, cleaning agent not only can not achieve the common effect, will be part of the fluoride in stone, broken stone. Consumers are advised to use professional cleaning agents when they are taking care of stones.


How stone renovation


Stone may appear shiny receded in the long-term use, damage and so on, in this case the need for renovation of stone. So, how exactly should the stone be renovated?


The stone care must use professional nursing cleanser




Repair damaged and darn glue:


First will repair the surface damage of the stone, stone with the color of marble near the damaged areas of stone glue will fill. Then use the slot machine dedicated to the original stone stone installation of the raphe re neatly cut slot, make the width of gap becomes almost close to the color of stone and marble glue on the damaged areas fill well.




Cut a mouth burnish:


Used refurbished machines with special granite cutting grinding sheet of cutting bits are carefully polished, making it a whole plane and stone.






The use of granite polishing machine special, let the stone tablets on the stone mill for grinding from coarse to fine, the stone surface smooth and bright again.




Crystallization treatment:


With stone powder and crystallization agent with crystal stone retreading machine polishing, grinding stone and crystal powder under pressure to produce physical and chemical reaction under high temperature, crystals to form a compact protective layer, hard. After crystallization, the color and brightness can be enhanced, and the functions of anti-skid, waterproof and oil proof can be achieved.


Renovation stone steps are all of the above steps, stone after long wear and the related chemical reaction under the decree will become dull, it may be from the above aspects of stone renovation and maintenance, so you can make the stone again again.

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