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Stone Enterprises Without Reservation

Stone enterprises without reservation"

Update time: 2017-9-29 17:16:29

With limited assets to obtain maximum revenue, is the highest level of pursuit of all enterprises. In the rapid economic development of the moment, "light" is not only a choice, but also a necessity.

In this era of shared economic explosion, the past, self-reliance, and single entry into the world has already been unable to get through. The market is changing too fast, the concept of change faster, as long as the enterprise a little inattentive or complacent, the market will be ruthlessly abandoned immediately. Chinese consumer market, vast territory and abundant resources, like a swarm of bees do tuyere industry enterprises are more. However, after a wave, the existing fixed flow in the market can not meet the conditions for the survival of enterprises with too many homogeneous products. In the end, capital or strong, unique, prominent enterprises have the ability to survive in the market profitability.

As with all walks of life, the stone industry market is also in the "monk", "Zhai less" embarrassing situation. And under the policy of "entrepreneurship for all", more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are flooding into the existing market system. Easy to start setting difficult. In the homogenization of the industry increasingly fierce competition today, product differentiation is small, enterprises have to rely on the value added in addition to the product, such as brand, service and marketing, in order to occupy a space for one person in the minds of customers. Enterprises do not have "big, do all" time, energy and money, focusing on the limited funds to do the most profitable thing, is the modern stone enterprises in the increasingly competitive market, the key to a firm foothold. This is in fact a very hot concept of light asset management in recent years, and the main way to realize the light asset management of enterprises is to make strategic cooperation with other enterprises to maximize the interests of both sides.

Recognize core values and build up cooperation

In the light asset model, enterprises need to seize their core values rather than core business. The traditional stone enterprises operating mode, enterprises should purchase experience blocks, build factories, set up production lines, production, marketing, sales and other long growth process. A set of down, large capital investment, slow return, short-term capital returns low, difficult to survive in the early stage of enterprises. The advantages of light asset business model is that, according to the company's own situation, appropriate outsourcing some low profit margins to other enterprises, focusing on investment in the company's dominant projects, the money spent on the edge.

In TEMIs stone Yan total view, enterprises to carry out the premise of asset light operations, is to recognize their core values, and will play to the extreme. The same is done stone enterprises, TEMIs unique advantages in its own mines a variety of unique and brand marketing, in order to better spread and varieties of word-of-mouth, also need to have quality assurance. How to obtain the quality of affirmation in a fast time is the foundation for the brand to take root. "Looking for temporary venues, build factories, equipment installation, set up the team, this is just a start, running and improving process technique needs long-term invest a lot of time, manpower, material and financial resources, and has a certain risk."

The TEMIs Hawthorn mine

Under such considerations, looking for quality partners is a choice. Through market investigation, Yan total eyeing the Jin sheng. "To quality, looking for Jin Sheng.". Kam Sheng processing quality of excellence in the industry can be described as one of the best, find such partners, not only can leveraging, but also to enhance their strength."

The core values of enterprises are different, and each has its own advantages. The traditional market competition is based on low-cost price war, in order to obtain a large number of market share and traffic growth. This is in an early stage of market development is very effective means of competition, but when the market has developed more mature products, varieties of excavations completed, the price is relatively transparent, customer demand to buy products from simply turn more to buy services and value-added products direction. At this time, if the enterprise wants to obtain long-term development, must be from the customer's psychological needs of consideration of competitive strategy, grasp the high profit stage in the industrial chain development, maximize the interests of enterprises with market advantage.

TEMIs is aware of this point, did not spend a lot of manpower and material resources to build a processing plant, but the choice is known for its excellent quality and processing of Jin Sheng Stone cooperation, production outsourcing blocks, it not only save a large amount of capital, investment in equipment, but also saves labor costs a lot the production cost is greatly reduced. This should be with the Taiwan Acer Group Chairman Stan Shih proposed smile curve theory. "Smile curve" is the added value line of industrial manufacturing process. "Two ends high, middle low" is the shape characteristic of this curve. From this, it can be concluded that the production process belongs to the labor-intensive process. In this process, the necessary measures such as construction of the factory, the purchase of machinery and equipment and the employment of workers have locked up the funds of the enterprise, and the profits are rather low. The variety development, terminal sale and engineering application of stone are the source and the source of benefit.

Jin Sheng long processing factory

And Jin Sheng to the excellent processing quality to absorb customers, can not cut off the enterprise beneficial processing and production links. In fact, not only the TEMIs of the demand, according to Jin Sheng Stone relevant responsible person told us all the time, there are a lot of stone