Stone Industry Big Shock, The Eastern Region Of Small And Medium Enterprises Go From Here?

Stone industry big shock, the eastern region of small and medium enterprises go from here?

Release time: 2017-09-27 Author: China Stone Network

Chinese Garden Network September 25th news: China is one of the world's largest producer of stone and the largest stone consumer, nearly 20 years of production and consumption to maintain rapid growth. With the further development of China's industrialization and urbanization, will bring new development space for stone products demand; at the same time, in the strict implementation of national environmental policy, the stone industry will face a new round of restructuring and upgrading.


Stone prices rose slightly


Held at the end of August Changshan International Stone Culture Festival, one from Jiangsu stone in an interview Chinese Garden Network said that from the beginning of April this year, stone prices rose slightly, there are two reasons: one is the seasonal fluctuations, since spring projects have started, and pull the stone the market is two; with the environmental protection policies intensified, many mining and quarrying point and stop the development of stone processing plant relocation, stone business transfer, resulting in the increase in the cost of purchasing stone.


Since the since November 2015, "March 2016 13th Five-Year" planning "proposal" and "Outline" published around the step up the introduction of ecological restoration and mine management and other related environmental protection policy. The stone industry first, because there is no environmental protection facilities and wastewater straight row, dust exceed the standard phenomenon, secondly, stone processing field from the general freight site is easy to cause traffic chaos and dust pollution in the process of city transportation. With the demolition efforts to increase and accelerate the process, stone dealers in order to avoid the loss of non-stop relocation, to step up the search for formal stone market settled, recently, there are stone dealers back to Fujian and other old stone market.


Market pattern of a new round of adjustment


China Stone annual consumption of nearly 1 billion square meters, and with the new urbanization and new rural construction of stone products demand will maintain a certain growth, is expected to 2020, consumption will reach 1 billion 500 million square meters; and the European Union, Japan, the Middle East and other major international market demand downturn, emerging market development lag however, the influence of the "along the way" policy, will bring development opportunities and space for domestic business.


Will demand a larger domestic market, eastern developed area by stone resources resources, environmental capacity and other constraints, stone productivity adjustment continues to accelerate, the stone resources development base and processing base transfer to the Midwest obvious trend. At the same time, with the implementation of regional strategy, such as the rise of the central region and the development of the western region, the demand for stone market in the central and western regions is showing a trend of rapid growth.


National stone industry "13th Five-Year" plan also proposed, optimal adjustment of China stone industry layout, will guide the stone industry in the eastern region to the central and western regions, Guizhou, Xinjiang and other western provinces in the development of good stone, "Midwest Industrial Catalogue for foreign investment (2017 Revision)" clearly pointed out that the central and western regions to undertake industrial transfer, Xinjiang is the only stone industry directory into the provinces.


Eastern stone producing acute transformation


According to local people, Changshan stone industry has a history of nearly 30 years, due to the mining time is too long and the stone is non renewable resources, the transformation is a pressing matter of the moment. In 2015, Changshan according to the industrial layout and development history, by the Zhejiang development characteristics of town planning transformation opportunity, "stone town", mining development from rough to the development of culture.


Now stone market all over the country, to 13th Five-Year planning standards is not much. During this time the demolition, there is a large part of factory prone to dust, "here (Changshan) do Wenwan, Wenwan used are natural, processing will destroy the original." A stone business in Jiangsu told the author. And the demolition of the processing plant has led to a lot of incomplete stone market stop, so looking for formal market has become an urgent need for stone makers.


It is understood, Changshan stone town will increase the added value, explore the full integration of cultural tourism resources, the formation of the overall planning structure of "three zone" Gallery, including China ornamental stone Expo, stone culture corridor, stone culture Historic District, and stone crafts exhibition, trade, production in one of the stone processing park.


Of small and medium-sized enterprises Baotuan way


Face strict environmental protection policy, the hitherto unknown enforcement, and labor law, tax law system of continuous improvement, coupled with the overall economy in recent years, the trend of the market, put forward new requirements to the stone industry, such as technological innovation, equipment upgrades, product development etc.. According to industry estimates, in the stone industry as a whole to the good situation, in 2017 the market will continue downward trend.


And under this situation, large enterprises in the innovation road will become wide, not only have sufficient funds, advanced equipment and other conditions, as well as the support of national policy, during 13th Five-Year, the stone industry production concentration will be significantly improved, the country will vigorously support large enterprises, create annual sales of over ten billion group and a group of more than 5 billion enterprises.


Industry two differentiation phenomenon has highlighted how the small and medium-sized enterprises will survive and develop?

As seedlings industry in general, since 2013 to trough, stone industry will also bid farewell to the comfortable growth of barbarism period of development, in the face of the brutal process of shuffling and a new round of transformation. Brand, Baotuan and other key words are frequently mentioned, the focus of discussion from market refinement to enterprises, stone business elite are joint upstream and downstream industry experts and entrepreneurs, and jointly explore the future direction of development,