The Main Uses Of Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaic is suitable for the decoration of the ground, wall and various planes; waver is suitable for the effect of partitioning or trimming of the wall, the ground and other planes that need to be distinguished by the interface, and has the advantages of flexible adjustment and reorganization . However, the overall puzzle decoration effect for the wall surface is more suitable; when applied properly, its final effect greatly exceeds the smooth surface mosaic.

Structural characteristics of marble mosaic

1. Seamless and tightly structured

2. The pattern can have a large change, which can be close to the pattern of the smooth mosaic

3. The particles are all smaller specifications, and the processing is difficult and complicated.

4. Need to do more treatment for caulking when decorating

Evaluation of the complexity of marble mosaics

1. The types of materials that make up the pattern. More types are more complicated

2. The degree of change in the specifications of the unit blocks required to form the pattern. The more specifications, the more complicated, the more sharp corners, the more complicated due to the increase in the amount of sanding.

3. The degree of complexity of the pattern itself, the more complicated the pattern.

Shopping attention

1. Neat specifications

When buying, pay attention to whether the particles are of the same specifications and the same size, and the edges of each small particle are neat. Place the monolithic mosaic on a horizontal ground to check whether it is flat and whether there is a too thick latex layer on the back of the monolithic mosaic.

2. Rigorous craftsmanship

The first is to touch the glazed surface, you can feel the degree of slip resistance; then look at the thickness, the thickness determines the density, the higher the density, the lower the water absorption rate; the last is to look at the texture, the middle layer of the inner layer is usually a good quality mosaic.

3.Low water absorption

This is an important factor to ensure the durability of the mosaic, so you must also check the water absorption rate. Drop the water droplets on the back of the mosaic. The quality of the water droplets overflowing is good, and the quality of the water dripping down is poor.

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