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The Stone Store Replaced By Electricity Suppliers Future

The stone store replaced by electricity suppliers future

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Internet dealers exist for a long time has its unique value, he let the market complicated transactions greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the transaction cost. Without dealers, the "last mile" of the product will be extremely difficult and expensive.

[entity store will not be replaced by electricity supplier]

1. line, the store to the line, the heavy is experience

Take the group purchase, according to the professional group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, the first half of 2014 domestic network group purchase although the cumulative turnover reached 29 billion 430 million yuan, a record in the second half of the best results, but the number of group purchase website has dropped to 176, compared to the 2011 peak of 5058, the survival rate was only 3.5%.

The reason for the decline is that the experience is not good enough. According to Chinese e-commerce complaints and rights protection public service platform released in the first half of the group monitoring data, false buy, refund problems, buy fraud, King terms and other issues become the hot spot of online buying.

2. major data only online to form a closed loop

The Stone Store Replaced By Electricity Suppliers Future

O2O is always emphasizing a word "closed loop" because O2O actually runs offline stores up to the line. The store offline is also behind the O2O node data, because the online store, many users are not willing to put their information is complete and submitted to the site at the time of registration, online data collection is very limited; and the line is not the same, businesses can easily collect user personal information, including user preferences, family status and even user connections etc.. Through the line of stores, can put behind every customer data mining to the deep, then put these data back to the line, through cloud computing and big data analysis provides a better online experience for the user, this is done in the O2O closed loop data level.

3., foreign brands rely solely on electricity providers, it is difficult to play a day, foreigners to China to do electricity providers, eating no physical store losses. And domestic cross-border electricity providers to do it is not so easy.

4., "made in China" to the line, more difficult to distinguish true from false

It is precisely because "made in China" is too popular, so there is a risk for exports and "domestic sea Amoy".

A consumer survey shows that consumers in the world are "made in China" or "cheap" genes. Cross border electricity supplier just for the outstanding export manufacturing industry plug wings. Those who think that once caught the cross-border electricity supplier of this bus, products can sell well all over the country export manufacturing enterprises, or have to wonder whether their products are excellent.

In Yiwu, Zhejiang and Guangzhou have underground factories, specializing in the production of well-known brands of high Jingfang goods factory, through the China postal courier sent to Europe and the United States, and through domestic and cross-border shopping website, WeChat, Taobao, micro-blog purchasing purchasing purchasing form sent to domestic counterfeit brand products, is a large sea Amoy mishap site inevitable. Be called by the buyer "change the soup without dressing change"".

5., after the opening of the FTA, the electricity supplier will be landing entities

After the free trade zone in Shanghai listing, B2C cross-border electricity supplier has become a major electricity supplier giants battleground. Guangzhou port, as the basic port of foreign trade and container trunk line in Southern China, will be more stable. Today, by the east wind of the free trade zone, Guangzhou port group is also implementing the new layout, featuring Nansha international shipping logistics center construction mission.

Today, the development of the electricity supplier has entered a new period of development of O2O, online marketing has not only become effective means to influence consumers' purchasing power, the rise of the next line physical experience service has been able to occupy the main consumer psychology. Electricity supplier O2O closer and the advantages of traditional line store, has become a new realm of store presence and development. Now, the next line of market development has emerged, and do a good job offline market will become an important means of electricity providers online services and offline services at the same time follow-up.

The Stone Store Replaced By Electricity Suppliers Future

[self built channels can only find a professional stone electricity supplier platform]

Many miners are hoping to build their own electricity supplier flattening channels, in order to monopolize the entire industry profits. But the stone characteristics, doomed it inconvenience transportation and sale, and the products are concentrated in mine environment, such as the construction of large area display store, then equal to each dealer investment; construction of independent channels, will face huge promotion, looking for accurate customer bring advertising fees, in order to pull with single negotiate, have investment to create a business team.

Like a hermit to drink their own milk story: for this purpose, he had to keep a cow, then please Mu Tong, Mu Tong house, the monthly payment of wages and meals Mu Tong, their last cup of milk, can be far better than with the mountain farmer bought more expensive.

Therefore, stone enterprises to rely on electricity supplier platform, unless it is a professional stone website such a platform, in order to professional and comprehensive to help a variety of stone enterprises and stone mines better development business!

[stone electricity supplier should be online and offline combination]

It is understood that, in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has become the object of many stone enterprises. "Stone enterprises in the integration of their own resources, you can through e-commerce, branding, packaging and other means of promotion." Some stone industry insiders said that the Internet market potential is unlimited, online and offline synchronous sales of stone enterprises are also increasing.

The combination of online shopping platform and physical store is the best way to develop the stone industry." Experts believe that, for the attention to detail experience of consumers, if there is no sense of touch, sensory experience, only a few exquisite pictures on the website, can not buy malicious heart. To this end, the distribution of brands throughout the country still need to bear the burden of display experience, measurement design, after-sales service and many other tasks. There is no doubt that the appeal of e-commerce has been the response of most stone enterprises.