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What are the classification of stone parquet

According to the decorative effect, stone parquet design can be roughly divided into two categories:

■ Pattern

Refers to designs that mimic flowers, complex geometric figures, logos, figures, artworks and other types. It is characterized by complex design, diverse lines and exquisite structure. The decorative effect is delicate and gorgeous.

However, for stone care projects, the difficulty of handling parquets is relatively high.

■ Puzzle

A type of stone mosaic design designed as a fixed geometric figure. If there is any difference from the above, it is that the structure and pattern of the puzzle design are simpler.

分 Divided by size

■ Super Large Pattern

Some parquet designs can reach hundreds or even thousands of square meters. This oversized parquet is enlarged according to the pattern in design, processed and paved.

■ Large pattern

Generally, the parquet with a diameter of more than 1.5 meters will be cut into pieces when it is manufactured by the factory, and assembled at the scene.

■ General mosaic

For parquets with a diameter of less than 1.5 meters, when the factory is in production, it is generally treated as a whole.

The above classification is more from the perspective of stone care. Because the stone parquet project is very different from the general project. For example, in the process of seamless processing, the patching treatment of stone parquet is fundamentally different from general engineering in terms of operation technology and precautions.