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What Are The Types Of Parquet Products

According to the various uses of parquet products, parquet products can be divided into the following categories.

Ground parquet: A large number of parquets are used for floor decoration, such as hotel lobby floors, shopping mall floors, hotel floors, bathroom floors, presidential suite floors, family living room floors, elevator cars and elevator halls.

Wall mosaic: mostly used for background walls, living rooms, hotel lobby, guesthouses, presidential suites and other walls. Mosaic mosaics are most commonly used on wall mosaics, especially in Europe and the United States.

Desktop and various furniture countertops: improve the decoration grade and artistic appreciation of furniture, and make furniture countertops into high-end decorations and artworks.

Arc plate parquet: The new products in parquet are constantly expanding in application and the scope of use is getting wider and wider.

Solid Column Mosaic: Making a parquet on the surface of a solid column increases the connotation of the pillar product and makes the pillar free from monotony and tediousness. Solid column patterns include solid square patterns, cylindrical patterns, and regular polygonal patterns.

Embossed mosaic: Embossed mosaic is a high-end artwork in stone products. It combines the art of parquet and relief, which makes the relief mosaic both artistic charm.

Parquet fireplace: Make the door and legs of the fireplace into parquet. The parquet fireplace breaks through the traditional fireplace style and further increases the artistry of the fireplace.

Parquet furniture: Making various parquets on furniture can not only improve the grade of furniture, but also increase the ornamentalness of furniture products, making furniture a work of art.