What Is Stone Carving And How To Select Stone Carving?

What is stone carving and how to select stone carving?

We see different sculpture art works everywhere, so do you know what stone carving is? How do you choose stone carving? Next, follow the little editor and see the answer.

What is stone carving?

Refers to the use of a variety of stone, can be carved, carved stone, create a certain space visible, touchable art image to reflect the social life, the expression of the artist's aesthetic experience, aesthetic emotion, aesthetic ideal of art.

Commonly used stones are granite, marble, Qingshi, gravel and so on. Stone quality is hard and weather resistant, it is the main material of large-scale commemorative sculpture.

stone carving

Classification of stone carvings

1, according to different shapes are divided into: character stone carving, animal stone carving, plant stone carving, stone carving objects

2, according to different shapes are divided into: three-dimensional stone carving, flat stone carving

3, according to the different surface shape is divided into: embossed, intaglio

stone carving

How to choose stone carving?

The surface structure of stone sculpture is observed by naked eye. Generally speaking, the stone with uniform fine structure has fine texture and is the best stone carving. The stone with coarse and unequal granule structure has poor appearance. In addition, stone carving due to the role of geological, which often produce some minor cracks, stone is easiest to break along these parts, should be noted to eliminate. As for the lack of edges and corners, but also affect the appearance, especially in the choice should pay attention to.

Two, that is, the amount of stone carving size, specifications, so as not to affect stitching, or cause stitching after the pattern, pattern, line deformation, affecting decorative effect.

stone carving

Three listen, listen to the percussion sound of stone carving. Generally speaking, the stone with good quality is loud and melodious; on the contrary, if there is a slight crack in the stone carving or the loose contact between the particles caused by weathering, the knocking sound is hoarse.

Four test, that is, simple test method to test the quality of stone sculpture. Usually in the stone drops on the back of a small drop of ink, the ink quickly disperse as leaching, namely that the internal particles loose and existing gap stone carving, stone carving quality is not good; on the contrary, if the ink droplets fixed in place, the stone texture.

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