What is Volakas White Marble and Where Does It Come From?

Volakas white marble is a stunning natural stone that has been used in construction for centuries. Its soft, creamy appearance and subtle veining make it a popular choice for a variety of applications, from flooring and walls to countertops and sculptures. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of volakas white marble, its unique characteristics, popular applications, and sustainability considerations.

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Geological Origins

Volakas white marble is a type of metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone. The limestone undergoes intense pressure and heat over millions of years, causing it to recrystallize and transform into marble. Volakas white marble is sourced from quarries located in the Drama region of Northern Greece. This area is known for its high-quality marble deposits, which have been mined since ancient times.

The geology of the region is characterized by a series of faults and folds, which have caused the marble to form in unique patterns and textures. The marble found in the area ranges in color from pure white to off-white or grey with distinctive veining patterns.

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Characteristics of Volakas White Marble

Volakas white marble is a high-quality stone that is prized for its elegant appearance and durability. It has a soft, matte finish and a consistent texture that makes it ideal for use in large-scale applications. One of the most distinctive features of volakas white marble is its veining patterns, which can range from subtle swirls to bold, dramatic lines. This makes it an excellent choice for creating eye-catching focal points in interior design or architecture.

When compared to other types of marble, volakas white marble has a unique character that sets it apart. For example, Carrara marble, another popular Italian stone, is more grey than white and has less pronounced veining. Statuario marble, which comes from the same region as Carrara, is also white with dramatic grey veining but has a brighter and more translucent appearance compared to volakas.

Popular Applications

Volakas white marble is a versatile stone that can be used in a wide range of applications. In interior design, it’s often used for flooring, walls, countertops, and fireplaces. Its neutral color and subtle veining make it an ideal choice for creating a timeless, sophisticated look in both traditional and modern spaces.

In architecture, volakas white marble is commonly used for exterior cladding, entranceways, and decorative features. One well-known example of a building that incorporates volakas white marble is the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. The building, designed by Tokyo-based architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of SANAA, features a striking facade made up of volakas white marble panels.

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Sustainability and Ethics

As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of the products they use, there is growing interest in the sustainability and ethics of the natural stone industry. In the case of volakas white marble, there are several factors to consider.

One concern is the environmental impact of quarrying and processing the stone. Mining and processing natural stone can have significant ecological consequences, including deforestation, soil erosion, and water pollution. However, some companies have implemented sustainable practices to minimize their impact, such as reducing waste, recycling water, and rehabilitating quarries after mining is complete.

Another issue to consider is the labor practices involved in quarrying and processing volakas white marble. Natural stone production has been associated with exploitative labor practices, such as child labor and forced labor. To address this, there are certification programs like the Ethical Stone Register and the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard that aim to promote responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices in the stone industry.


Volakas white marble is a sought-after natural stone that has been used in construction for centuries. Its unique veining patterns and soft, creamy appearance make it a versatile and elegant choice for a wide range of applications. When considering the use of volakas white marble, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the material, including its environmental impact and labor practices. With careful consideration and responsible sourcing, volakas white marble can be a beautiful and sustainable addition to any design project.

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