Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?

Why do successful people like stone decoration?

On the one hand, the natural properties of stone make it have a natural simplicity, and the exaggerated pattern can allow the designers of the sky and sky to divert their minds at will. Shows creative ideas and intentions, so it is very suitable for wall decoration.


Why choose stone as the material for home improvement, and where is the high-end stone? The answer lies in the stone itself.

Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?


The texture of the stone makes it exude a solemn feeling, so that people in the club can clearly feel the higher cultural taste of the owner.

Taking “Xiamen Yard” as an example, as the top-grade Chinese house product launched by Taihe Group, in the released renderings, a lot of wood and stone are combined to show the charm of Chinese classical courtyard. The majestic, Yinhong, neatly decorated mahogany furniture in the living room complements the luxurious floors of natural, beige, and golden silk. The mahogany dining table is paired with a jade tabletop and jade bowl.

"The classic charm created by modern Chinese style, Chinese style business, Zen forest and other styles is grand and solemn. Chinese home decoration materials are not only not easy to be outdated, but also have high collection value like jade screens, natural luxury slate paintings, mahogany furniture and jade ornaments. Under the limited background, especially loved by high-end people. The huge potential and competitive advantages of stone are self-evident.


The continued development of high-end stone will make custom design mainstream.

Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?

Personalized and differentiated customized services coincide with the spirit of young people's pursuit of independence and distinctiveness. Of course, in addition to young people, mid-to-high-end consumers will not be satisfied with the same stone decoration style. Stylization is the best embodiment of personal taste.

Once the stone is mined, it will shine through the designer's hands. An important trend in high-end stone is to combine classic aesthetics with modern technology. The domestic stone home improvement market increasingly prefers the rich "Chinese style", and the powerful real estate companies have made the "Chinese style" a high-end project feature. This is when European-style classical, American-style manor, modern avant-garde and other dazzling home decoration design styles have been flooded, and the differentiated choices in the high-end stone market have begun to return to the preference for Chinese classical charm.

Back to nature:

Natural wind is a trend against modern industrial design with "one-level quality".

Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?

The stone decoration is more concise and fresh in the Chinese-style residence. It is antique and combines the elegance and Zen of Chinese-style decoration with self-adaptation and tranquility. The front courtyard of the house is placed with a pure natural stone table, the room is full of lights, and the outside is full of vegetation Lush, peaceful and interesting. This is the return of the local people's traditional belief after experiencing the enthusiasm for admiring foreign cultures.

Chinese temperament:

Stone adds an interesting and unique charm to the Chinese classical style.

Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?

In a set of Chinese classical style decoration cases, the living room inherits the elegance and luxury of the traditional classical style in color, but the difference is that it adds a lot of modern elements and presents fashionable features. The selection of accessories is more concise. The addition of stone makes the whole less luxurious decoration and more smoothly expresses the essence of traditional culture. The exquisite lamps and elegant paintings also add a bit of warmth to the living room, so that the ancient rhyme of the living room can penetrate the modern atmosphere.


In fact, the demand for housing also complies with Marlos's law.

Why Do Successful People Like Stone Decoration?

Ordinary houses only satisfy people's sense of security, belonging, and physiology, while high-end houses will rise to the height of artistic thinking, self-realization, and faith. Undoubtedly, more and more home improvement needs are now more or less "faith" elements. When designing home decoration, "many customers will let us take into account the "faith needs", and the placement of religious art works is in harmony with the Chinese style." One stone designer said so.

Environmental protection:

The consciousness of pursuing home decoration environmental protection has become more and more popular, and environmentally friendly stone has become a popular element.

In the choice of stone, health, safety and environmental protection have become the primary considerations of people. Therefore, only green, pollution-free stone design can be recognized by consumers.

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