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Yongding District Explores The Way Of Red Stone And Green Mining

Yongding district explores the way of "red stone and green mining"

Release time: 2017-09-25 Author: China Stone Network

Days ago, in Yongding District of Longyan City, Hongshan province Yongding Xiang Tian Tze Village stone circular economy industrial park, a group of workers being construction. This is an important strategy for the Yongding district government to invest in the construction of the stone recycling industrial park, and to implement the transfer of mining industry.


Hongshan Township total reserves of 2 billion 400 million cubic meters of stone plates, the annual production of 300 thousand tons of Yongding red marble, sold to Southeast Asia and all over the country. In the past few years, the importance of environmental protection has not been paid enough attention to in the production and processing of stone materials. The problems of pollution have been highlighted, such as waste rock and waste rock dumping in streams and roadsides. February this year, the Yongding district government on 72 stone factory all implemented the cut-off, closed rectification.


November 2014, Funeng Group signed a framework agreement on Yongding stone circular economy industrial park project in cooperation with the government of Yongding District, officially started in July this year, covers an area of 2429 acres, invested 1 billion 500 million yuan, construction area of 461 thousand square meters. The park consists of four areas, such as mining area, processing area, industrial and mining tourist area and cultural service area. According to the development mode of "unified planning and mining, unified processing, unified management, unified sales", the waste slag and waste rock in strict accordance with the environmental standards for unified treatment, allocation of powder treatment stations, sewage treatment plants, garbage transfer stations, sewage tank, waste processing production line, according to a high standard, stone mill cutting machine, eliminate dust, eliminate the "milk water", "red stone, green mining" target, promote the benign track of "Yongding red" stone industry into the ecological environment protection and sustainable development.


A July project started, 9 month construction period, the end of 2017 and strive to realize the park production part of stone processing enterprises, processing Park production of all stone processing enterprises in China in the summer of 2018 72 Hongshan stone factory. After the completion of the first phase of the project, it is estimated that the sales revenue of the stone industry in the region can reach more than 1 billion yuan, with an industrial added value of more than 380 million yuan, and the income of taxes and fees will be over RMB 40 million yuan.