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Head Stone Industry Enters The Era Of Creative Supermarket

Head stone industry enters the era of creative supermarket

In order to deal with the influence of domestic building materials industry growth slowed in recent years, as the world’s important trading center of Nanan head stone, stone enterprises have to work in marketing innovation and integration of industrial chain, not only some of the high-end positioning enterprise founded stone culture creative hall, some low-end positioning enterprises play “supermarket” concept this is the stone industry recent marketing highlights.

For to “water town Nanan city is the world stone”, a new position brings new requirements, mainly the development way in the past to stone related products trading have a new change.

Starting from the aspect of culture, to expand the stone industry influence, is a good direction. At the end of the month, British good stone to create the impression of No. five stone Museum officially completed, caused widespread concern in the industry. “Our plan is to create a comprehensive stone culture and creative garden, and the museum is one of the important elements of the museum, and there is also a global selection center and a stone culture theme hotel.” British stone chairman Liu Liang told reporters.

Can be said that through this stone cultural and creative park, will be fully on the stone the history, application and market to establish a comprehensive understanding of. Liu Liang pointed out that through such a stone cultural creative park, you can make a general summary of the entire industry transformation.” He said, “the museum is divided into several main hall: display of stone from the explosion of the universe evolution process of rock formation to geological museum, from the perspective of petrological classification to the people about stone professional knowledge; the human history museum with time as the horizontal axis, from the stone from the Old Stone Age to the new era, and then to play all the modern society era, according to the order of time and space, show the stone was widely used in human life and close interaction between production and human stone architecture and religious, military, technological and cultural development of all kinds of. In addition, there are stone library, stone related books, samples will be a comprehensive collection, collation, in order to global stone resources to conduct an intuitive, detailed introduction.”

An industry analysts believe that a global stone material center head in Nanan, will bring together the world’s best materials, best design, best products to create the best display mode, together designers together, the stone, culture, design and other elements together to attract industry chain enterprises.

In Liu Liang’s view, culture and brand is a complementary. He said: “with the stone museum this cultural way to explain some of our stone products connotation, in order to improve product connotation, value, especially the intrinsic value, and then enhance the brand influence.”.”

Supermarket mode or change the stone industry

And Ying Liang Jian stone Museum, a one-stop supermarket is also introduced for the first time the head of stone. Different from the past, to the head of Nanan merchants do not like in the past to visit each of the every kind of complicated plate market, for a few varieties of stone around goods than three, stone will provide a one-stop supermarket or a solution.

“We can supermarket wholesale all kinds of styles of marble plate varieties, rich layout and size to the customer, has great room for the selection of procurement.” Nanan Mindu stone supermarket general manager Yao Canhui told reporters that the Nanan market in the past prosperity, hundreds of large market expansion, but by the impact of the real estate and the domestic economic slowdown, many large market due to high cost of rent problems have been transferred to shut down, which makes the operation more flexible mode of supermarket concept.

It is reported that, supermarket and stone stone market is different, which is mainly to sales of several single varieties, products generally have sold, fast selling features, various supermarkets and wholesale of different varieties of goods, generally there are several best-selling large inventory, and demand for fine positioning.

Yao Canhui said that not only do the professional market stone supermarket goods, the price is also very high, even a single merchant buy several pieces of board will also give the market price. “As with general merchandise supermarkets, stone supermarkets should have the characteristics of inexpensive, but also to avoid the pressure of inventory.”.” He said: “our inventory pressure is small, mainly selling currency, and there are independent processing plants, self sales, according to customer demand for quantitative production, flexible production cycle.”.”

It is reported that, currently head of Nanan’s 59 supermarkets, 98 stone stone supermarket, 99 stone supermarket operation fiery. For example, 98 stone stores, which have 5 branches nationwide, officially opened this year at head stores.

Yao Canhui said, with independent stone processing plant is the supermarket advantage, so that the processing plant, some blocks for cutting value is not high will be idle and waste, will lose a lot of pay the cost of processing plant and processing plant, independent can not only control the production process and quality also, the cost can be reduced because of mass production. He said: “at present, the processing plant of Fujian stone is equipped with 6 marble saw, professional processing plate.”.”

Analysis of stone industry, supermarket is a new marketing concept, the present situation of the development of industry slowdown, change the past large inventory pressure, precision positioning small and light supermarket mode or can change stone retail formats.