FOR U quartz stone is an innovative and eco-friendly building decoration material with a wide range of applications. Made of high-quality quartz sand powder as the main aggregate, and resin, pigment, and other auxiliary materials as the binding material, it is a new type of decorative material that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing.
The quartz stone has a solid and durable appearance and has undergone more than 30 complex polishing processes, resulting in a shiny and bright surface that adds a touch of elegance to any space. It has a Mohs hardness rating of above 6, making it resistant to scratches from knives and shovels. However, to maintain the pristine appearance of the stone, it is recommended to use a cutting board when cutting vegetables to prevent scratches on the surface. FOR U quartz stone is an exceptional material that combines durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Its eco-friendly nature, resistance to scratches and stains, and wide range of applications make it an ideal choice for modern construction and design projects.