Marble Grinding Treatment, Crystal Polishing Processing Of The Construction Process:

First in the renovation before grinding waterproof, the purpose is to make the stone as little as possible less water, so as to reduce the water absorption of the stone, 300 # and then do waterproof, then because the grinding will cause the effect of water reduction or disappearance, conditions permit The case of the best 800 # and then do a waterproof.

Encountered more loose stone, such as white sand beige, sandstone, tropical rain forest, wood stone, etc. must first use high-content seal curing agent (such as super-hard inorganic coating, the content of more than 40% silicone resin sealant) for pretreatment, So that the stone to fill the loose at the same time also hardened the material.

1, coarse grinding: the use of 50 #, 150 #, 300 #, 500 # diamond resin hard grinding block (rough grinding do not use soft water grinding for grinding, prone to waves, affecting the flatness) rough grinding water slightly larger But remember not too much, each grinding mill finished thoroughly to absorb water, check the grinding of the abrasive to leave the deep road whether it is worn with 50 # grinding, and so on, the machine go well word grinding, coarse grinding the overall grinding 45% of the time, is to ensure the quality of the completion of the project acceptance of the key links.

2, fine grinding: the use of 800 #, 1000 #, 2000 # diamond resin soft water mill, fine grinding of the overall research 35% of the time, fine grinding to 800 # after the emergence of light, fine grinding to 2000 # after the gloss Up to 50 degrees.

3, fine grinding: the use of 3000 # diamond resin soft water jet spray A2 grinding, ion exchange, fine grinding of the overall grinding 20% of the time, after grinding to improve the high gloss, marble surface density increased Polishing agent (NO2 + Q5 mirror repair agent) lay a solid foundation to enhance the adhesion of the polishing material.

4, polished: the use of power 2HP above, speed 175-210 r / min, weight 45-70 kilograms of crystal face machine, animal hair content of 70% of the animal pad, 3M pad, nano mat, with marble mirror complex Yan cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing, polished marble surface gloss up to at least 90-100 degrees above.

5, encountered more difficult to do translucent stone, such as jazz white, resin artificial stone, if done in the above method is still not enough water, then spray once again with 3000 # grinding to dry, and then repeated with nano-pad , With the marble mirror complex Yan cream NO2,2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing, nano-inorganic polymer copolymer to form a crystalline layer, was glassy, the effect of water will be able to come out. Has a high hardness, wear resistance, transparency, water resistance, anti-fouling, anti-skid and so on.