Panda Marble

What are the white stones?

The white stone can be roughly divided into marble and granite, each having different varieties.

Marble refers to the origin of white and black limestone produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The profile can form a natural ink painting for the landscape. In ancient times, patterned marble was often used for making screens or mosaics. Later, the marble name gradually turned into limestone, used to make architectural decoration materials. White marble is commonly called white marble, but white marble, used to make statues in Western translation, is also called marble. As for the name of the marble, there is a saying that the quality of marble in Dali in China was the best. So had the name. The common varieties of white marble are: Carrara White, Aspen White, Jazz White, White Marble, Ice White, Snow White, White Fish, White Fingerprint.

Granite is an intrusive rock in acidic magmatic rocks (SiO2> 66%), which is the most common type of rock in this category. It is mainly light red, light gray, greyish white, etc. Medium coarse grain, fine grain structure, block structure. Some are also plate structures, globular structures and plate-shaped structures. The main minerals are quartz, potassium feldspar and acid plagioclase, the secondary minerals being biotite, hornblende and sometimes a small amount of pyroxene. There are many types of secondary minerals, such as magnetite, vermiculite, zircon, apatite, tourmaline, fluorite and the like. The quartz content is the highest among various magmatic rocks and can range from 20 to 50%, and some can reach 50 to 60%. The potassium feldspar content is generally greater than that of plagioclase: it often contains two-thirds of the total feldspar of potash feldspar, one-third of the feldspar and more of the potassic feldspar in the granites. It is red and light gray, gray and gray. Gray-white potassic feldspar and plagioclase are often difficult to distinguish from hand-sampled samples. At this point, we must carefully observe the characteristics of the twin crystals of these two feldspars, since the plagioclase has a polycrystalline twin crystal, and when the hand sample is rotated, it exhibits regular, bright, dark spots on the crystal. plagioclase and potassic feldspar. This is a twin card-type crystal, expressed as two crystals of different brightness. The varieties of white granite are: white sesame, pearl white, golden white linen, big white, American white hemp, Suizhou white hemp, pearl white hemp, sea wave flower, etc.

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