Stone Composite With Aluminium Plastic Panel

Stone composite with an aluminum honeycomb panel is a cutting-edge building material that employs a composite glue to bond natural stone to an aluminum honeycomb base. The resulting panel typically features a 3-5mm stone layer atop a 10-25mm aluminum honeycomb panel. This innovative solution effectively eliminates the weight and fragility issues associated with traditional stone, making it an ideal choice for various building applications. For exterior curtain walls, we recommend a minimum stone thickness of 4-5mm and an aluminum honeycomb panel thickness of not less than 25mm. Stone honeycomb composite panels are versatile and can be used for ceilings, curtain walls, interior walls, floors, and other decorative applications in buildings, vehicles, and ships. These panels offer exceptional performance and a wider application field, especially for high-rise buildings with weight restrictions. As a result, stone honeycomb composite panels are set to play an incomparable role in the future of the construction industry.

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