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As one of the leading experienced quarry owners and natural stone manufacturers and exporters in China, FOR U STONE, currently has more than 400 customers worldwide. We have been focusing on quarrying, manufacturing, and exporting high-quality products worldwide, including Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartz, Artificial Marble, Basalt, Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone, Slate, Sandstone, Composite Brick, etc.

Xiamen FOR U STONE Import & Export Co.,ltd is a corporation combined with quarry , factory and trade company.Ever since its foundation in 1990 and now become one of the leading experienced quarries owner and natural stone manufacturer and export in China. Export transaction started in 2006,owner over 400 customers from all over the world by now. we have been specilizing in quarrying ,manufacturing &globally exporting high quality products including Granite, Marble,Onyx, Quartz, Artificial marble,Basalt,Travertine, Limestone,Blue Stone, Slate,Sandstone,Composite tiles etc.

We have been devoting to creative efforts and keeping on the improvements. Base on the high quality, we expand our products category and cut down the cost , we try our best to guarantee any exact customer requirement. we believe that with our experienced working team and professional management ,you would find us to a reliable business partner.

Ingratitude everyone in our Xiamen For U Import and Export., Co.,ltd team thank you For U long time support and our team will do our best service For U.

We sincerely look forward to starting our cooperation ad creating our bring future!

production process

Our production includes: block cutting, slab polishing, cut to size, edge polishing, main slab polishing, a hole cut out, hole edge polishing, fished product, and wooden packing.

  1. Selected Materials – According to clients’ samples or supplied photos, we will send professional workers to choose blocks and find blocks to meet clients’ requests for color and pattern.
  2. Blocks Saw cut – Blocks cut to rough slabs in needed thickness (commonly in the thickness of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, or 30mm) or cut to small blocks by Gang Saw Machines.
  3. Polishing – It will make thickness, flatness, and a polished lightness of the slabs to reach quality requests. Through polishing, stones will show their color, pattern, and gloss.
  4. Cut-to-size – With the infrared cutting machine, slabs are cut to the required size.
  5. Extra Processing – Besides the above processing steps, some products need extra processing, such as polished edges, beveled edges, drilled holes, etc.

We have been devoted to creative efforts and keeping on the improvements. Based on the high quality, we expand our products category and cut down the cost, we try our best to guarantee any exact customer requirement. we believe that with our experienced working team and professional management, you would find us to be a reliable business partner.

Focus on quality, pursue for excellence

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Beyond Aesthetics: White Wooden Marble for Building and Construction

White Wooden Marble is a unique and elegant natural stone that has recently gained popularity in the building and construction industry. It is a type of marble that has a white base with prominent veins resembling the look of wood grain. This marble is highly sought after due to its aesthetic appeal and its durability, making it a suitable choice for a variety of applications in the building and construction industry. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of White Wooden Marble and its applications in building and construction.

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A Black Marble Shining Bright Like a Galaxy-Sahara Noir

Sahara Noir Marble is a strikingly beautiful and luxurious natural stone that is highly popular in the world of interior design. With a deep black background adorned with delicate threads of gold and silver, this stone exudes an air of mystery and elegance that is unparalleled. So what are the brilliant performances of this extremely luxurious black and gold marble under the ingenuity of the designer? Through this article, you will fall in love with this deep black marble.

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Top Luxuriou Black and Gold Marble-Italian Nero Portoro

Black and gold Nero Portoro Italian Marble presents noble and elegant decoration effects. It can be used for luxury buildings and home decoration, or the production of exquisite items, such as flooring coverings, wall cladding panels, stairs, bathroom countertop, and art sculpture, etc.

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blue semi precious stone

what are semi precious stones

Semi-precious stones are loved for their extremely rare and precious materials, colorful colors, unpredictable textures, eclectic patterns, and crystal clear luster.
Today, as stone decoration is becoming more and more popular, high-end decoration has higher and higher requirements for stone materials. For the decoration of celebrity clubs and luxurious rooms, precious semi-precious stones are more popular, so that the interior decoration presents an extravagant and luxurious effect.
Semi-precious stones already look very luxurious, coupled with various innovative designs, such as lighting, large board splicing, water knife mosaic and other designs, it will add a layer of luxury to its luxury.

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